Vr Mapping




Batch Direction (BatDir)

Type: Batch Application


Changes direction of lines.

Detailed Description

Batch Direction is used to change the direction of lines based on layers or graphic pointers. Multiple passes may be taken on the VrOne data, with each pass using a different search criteria and different target parameters. Search criteria includes a layer number lines, and graphics pointer number lines. There is one target parameter, allowing the lines to be changed to run clockwise or counterclockwise. For each pass, any line that falls in the search layer, or matches the search graphic pointer will be forced to run in the direction specified. The layer or graphic point search parameters may be left blank to allow searching by only one parameter.

Available Key-ins





Load parameter file

Batch Direction parameter file name (.bdf)


Run Batch Direction




Workspaces to consider

Defines the workspaces to consider when running batch areas. This may be set to "Current only" or "All Open". NOTE: This option is not stored for each pass; it is a global setting.


Lists the available pass numbers. Highlighting a number in this list makes it the current pass number, allowing the settings for the pass to be edited in the fields to the right.


The following parameters apply to the currently selected pass.

Pass On/Off

Sets the currently selected pass on or off.

Layers to search

Sets the layers to search. This may be a number line.

Graphic pointers to search

Sets the graphic pointers to search. This may be a number line.

New direction

If set to CW (clockwise), all lines that pass the search criteria will be forced to run in a clockwise direction. If set to CCW (counterclockwise), all lines that pass the search criteria will be forced to run in a counterclockwise direction.

Lines must be closed

If set to Yes, then only lines that are closed will be considered for changing. If set to No, then all lines will be considered for changing. If a line is open, then the direction will be determined by temporarily closing the line (a segment will be added between the last and first line points).

Load Parameters

Allows parameters to be loaded from a previously saved parameter file.

Record Parameters

Records parameters to a file.

Reset Parameters

Resets all parameters to default values.


Runs the batch areas application.


Closes the dialog without running the batch areas application.