Vr Mapping




Export Drive File (ExpDri)

Type: Translator


Exports an existing VrOne drive file to an ASCII file.

Detailed Description

VrOne drive files (.drv) are stored in a binary format. Export Drive File translates a binary drive file to an XYZ formatted ASCII file.  The following is an example of an ASCII drive file.


  634251.010689   1761639.884518       27.000000

  634907.271607   1760401.788854       28.000000

  634916.029990   1760389.327126       28.000000

  634947.153448   1760403.256970       28.000000

  635017.584574   1760455.106385       28.000000

  635028.486218   1760446.562766       28.000000

  634413.773877   1761956.830080       28.000000

  635070.112476   1762245.693583       28.000000




Drive file

Defines the drive file to export. Certain batch applications create batch files in order to drive to problem areas. Options include a batch application drive file such as “Line Cross (LinCro)” and “Batch Join (BatJoi)”. There is also an option to export a user-defined drive file. When the “Use Drive File Name” option is selected, the drive file to export is defined in the Drive File Name prompt.

Drive file name

If the Drive file is set to “Use Drive File Name” this field defines the user-defined drive file to export.

ASCII drive file name

Defines the output file name.