Vr Mapping




XYZ Drive (Xyz)

Type: Interactive Application Key-in


Drives 3D instrument.

Detailed Description

Drives 3D instrument to specified location. Supports argument operators that allow X, Y and Z values to be set to, added to, subtracted from, divided by, or multiplied by each axis argument. XYZ is a key-in; if it is a position that needs to be driven to often, such as the index point of the model, it is suggested that a macro be used.


Xyz supports the following operators

= or blank

Set axis to value specified


Add value specified to axis


Subtract value specified from axis


Divide axis by value specified


Multiply axis by value specified


Example:  Xyz  837831.194  951352.037  303.82

Would drive the instrument to the XYZ specified.


Example:  Xyz   -10.0  -23.5  +20.0

Would subtract 10 units from the current X,  subtract 23.5 from the current Y, add 20 units to the current elevation, and drive the instrument to that location.


Example:  Xyz  *3.28083333   *3.28083333   *3.2080333

Would convert the current instrument location from meters to feet and drive to that location.


To drive to a negative axis use the = operator.

Example:  Xyz   837831.194  951352.037  =-1.23

Would drive the instrument to 837831.194 951352.037 -1.23.


To drive without changing an axis add zero to that axis.

Example:  Xyz  +0  +0  23.5

Would drive the instrument elevation to 23.5 and leave the XY unchanged.


A key-in of XYZ with no arguments allows the entering of an absolute coordinate value.




The operators  =, +, -, /, and * are not supported in this mode.