Vr Mapping




Delete Layers (DelLay)

Copy Layers (CopLay)

Move Layers (MovLay)

Deletes, copies or moves layers.


Layers may be deleted, copied or moved using one of these three applications. Entering an operation without any arguments results in a dialog box to enter parameters. Each operation may be entered as a key-in followed by one or more arguments. (see Running From a Key-in)




Action to take

Defines the action to take on the source layers. Options are:


Workspaces to consider

Defines the workspaces to consider. Options are:

Current only;
All open.

Source layers

Defines the layers to delete, copy or move. A Number Line describing the source layers may be entered here.

Target layer

Defines the layer to which to copy or move source layers. If only one target layer is defined and the Source Layers specify more than one layer, the source layers will be merged into the Target Layer during a copy or move.

Running From a Key-in

It is possible to delete, move or copy layers by entering the command name and arguments from a command line. The ability to run these operations from a key-in allows them to be placed in a Vr Macro. This is useful when running the same operation many times for different layers on different jobs. The following are sample key-ins:


DelLay 12;13;35-51

Deletes layers 12, 13 and 35 through 51


CopLay 12;13;35-51 4001

Copies layers 12, 13 and 35 through 51 into layer 4001


MovLay 12;13;35-51 4001

Moves layers 12, 13, and 35 through 51 into layer 4001


In the Copy Layer and Move Layer examples, 12;13;35-51 are source layers and 4001 is the target layer. By default, Delete Layer, Copy Layer and Move Layer work on all open workspaces when started from a key-in. Notice the first argument in each example above uses a number line with semi-colons. This is so each field is not interpreted as a new Vr command on the key-in line. See Number Lines for more information.