Vr Mapping




Points Out (PoiOut)

Type: Translator


Translates Vr Points to the LiDAR point lists in ASCII format.


The Points Out translator converts Vr Points to ASCII formatted LiDAR point lists.  Each record consists of XYZ coordinates and optionally selected point attributes which include intensity, RGB, layer, classification, return number, keypoint flag and(or) GPS  time.  A Vr Point may contain up to 16 attributes.  The LAS format also contains up to 16 attributes per point and so, if possible, should be used instead of the Points In translator.  Since the Points format is ASCII, the Points In and Points Out translators are significantly slower than the LAS In and LAS Out translators.


Load Parameters

Record Parameters







Load Parameters

Loads previously recorded Points Out (.poo) parameter file.

Record Parameters

Records current translation parameters to a Points Out (.poo) parameter file.


See the Vr Point format for more information on these fields and any differences between the Vr Point format and the LAS specification.


Allows editing general translation parameters.



The Edit Parameters dialog Box

Workspaces to consider

Defines the workspaces to consider when running exporting LAS files. Options are "Current workspace" or "All open workspaces".

Translation file mode

Determines handling of output files during translation.

Single File - All open workspaces are translated into a single Points file.  The "Output file name" field determines the Points file name.
One File Per Workspace - An Points file is created for each open workspace. The Points filename is the same as the workspace (VrOne) filename with a .pts extension.  The "Output directory" field may be used to place the Points files in a different folder than the VrOne file.

Output file name

Defines the output file name when "Translation file mode" is set to "Single File".  This name is ignored if "Translation file mode" is set to "One file Per Workspace".

Output directory

Defines output directory if not using "Single File" translation mode. This field may be left blank to place the Points files in same the directory as the VrOne files.  This field is ignored if the  "Translation file mode" is set to "Single File".

Output Symbols

Determines whether to output Symbols. The Points Out translator typically exports Vr Points only.  Symbols do not carry LiDAR attributes like Vr Points; default values are assigned to these attributes for each symbol.

Output Points

Determines whether to export Vr Points. This parameter is normally set to "Yes".

Layers to translate

Defines the layers to translate to Points files.  If a layer is specified, it is translated even if it is turned off in VrOne/VrTwo.

Translate deleted points

One of the attributes stored with each Vr Point is a delete flag, which allows points in the database to be marked as deleted.  If this parameter is selected, deleted points are translated.  Translated deleted points retain their delete flag in the Points Output file.

Decimal Accuracy for coordinates

Defines the decimal accuracy for the coordinates in the Points files.

Place point count as the first record in file?

Determines whether then the first record of each Points file should contain the number of points in the file.

Set output attributes

Pressing this button will display the following dialog which allows the specification of point attributes to output with each point.



Edit Parameters - The Output Attributes dialog



Begins the file translation process.


The Translation information box


Starts the browser and displays the current help document.


Quits Points Out and allows the current parameters to be saved if they were altered.