Vr Mapping




Points In (PoiIn)

Type: Translator


Translates LiDAR point lists to VrOne files.


The Points In translator converts LiDAR data contained in an ASCII file to the Vr Mapping database as Vr Points.  Convertible data fields are X, Y, Z, Intensity, Red, Green, and Blue.  A Vr Point may contain up to16 attributes.  The LAS format also contains up to 16 attributes per point and so, if possible, should be used instead of the Points In translator.  Since the Points format is ASCII, the Points In and Points Out translators are significantly slower than the LAS In and LAS Out translators.


The ASCII In translator may be used to import XYZ coordinates into Vr Mapping but it does not support point attributes.


Load Parameters

Record Parameters

Define Input Filenames


Scan File






Load Parameters

Loads previously recorded Points In (.poi) parameter file.

Record Parameters

Records current translation parameters to a Points In (.poi) parameter file.

Define Input Filenames

Allows Points input files to be selected. Also allows a VrOne output file to be defined for each input file. Looks for files with an extension of .pts by default, but attempts to read in any file chosen.

The VrOne output filenames are only used if the "Translate to separate VrOne files" option is on.



The Define Input Filenames dialog box

Add Files

Displays a standard VrOne file selection dialog. All files selected are added to the list of Input files. Generates a VrOne output filename based on each input filename.

Remove All

Removes all files from the Input file table.

Change Output Directory

Allows changing the output directory (folder). By default, the output directory is the same as the input file directory.


Allows editing general translation parameters.



The Edit Parameters dialog Box

Translate to separate VrOne files?

Determines whether the Points input file is translated to a separate VrOne file. The Input to Output filename cross-reference is set in the "Define Input Filenames" dialog.

Input format

Defines the format of the input files and the fields to be translated.

X Y Z I R G B - X, Y, Z, Intensity, Red, Green, Blue.
X Y Z I - X, Y, Z, Intensity.
X Y Z  R G B - X, Y, Z, Red, Green, Blue.
X Y Z - X, Y, Z.

The range for the intensity field is 0-32767.  An intensity shift value may be set in cases when there are negative intensity values.  RGB values may range from 0 to 255.

First record is point count

Determines whether the number of points should be the first record of each input file.

Shift value for intensity

Defines the value to add to all incoming intensity values. It may be used in the case of negative intensity values. Valid range for intensity in the Vr Point format is 0-32767.


Target Scale fo new VrOne files (1:n)

Defines target scale to use when creating the new VrOne file if the "Translate to separate VrOne files?" is on and a VrOne file does not exist during translation.

Layer for points

Specifies layer into which to place translated points.

Scan File

Scans a single Points file and displays the first 100 lines.  This may be used to determine the input format of the Points files.


Begins the file translation process. All files that were defined by the “Define input Filenames” option are imported.


The Translation information box


Starts the browser and displays the current help document.


Quits Points In and allows current parameters to be saved if they were altered.