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Changes, additions and bug fixes to the Vr Mapping software

NOTE - Windows 10 Users
If using the Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703), the NVIDIA Quadro driver must be upgraded to version 385.08 or greater. 

NOTE - Version 7 Beta Warning
Version 7 is considered a Beta version. Beta versions of Vr Mapping are tested and may be usable but may have more bugs than completed software. 
You may experience problems when using beta software. Keep your data backed up if using Version 7. 

The latest changes are listed first.  Copyrights are listed at the bottom of this document.

Version 07.01.19 03/06/23 [Download]
03/05/23 Fix VrTwo Model Manager (ModMan) Drive Control (ModDrC) Fixed display issue when using a Stealth Z-Mouse were the graphics did not display after a control point was driven to. It required a move event from the Stealth mouse to show graphics. Fixed other issues included an off-by-one error that started measuring on the second control point. Cleaned up moving to the previous control point. Removed the progress bar. The current status is now shown in the Main Window. Made other small fixes/modifications.
03/04/23 Fix MstIn Cross Reference Fonts Fixed display problem with font names
03/05/23 37829 Mod MstIn Cross Reference Levels Modified so if -1 is specified for the Vr Layer then the LevelNum (Level Number) from the input file (.mst) used.
02/05/23 37298 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Python Programming Searched for and fixed several string argument calls and returns.

Version 07.01.18 02/04/23 [Download]
02/03/23 37806 Fix VrTwo Model Set (ModSet) The Model Manager Setings (ModSet) dialog now remembers the last 'Auto switch models' setting correctly.
02/02/13 37802 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Python Programming The PyLayer.GetName, PyLayer.GetNameByIdx, and PyLayer.AddName calls handle the layer name, property, and description strings correctly.
01/28/23 Fix VrAirTrig Import Project - Pix4D Fixed the Update Image Locations function.

Version 07.01.17 01/27/23 [Download]
01/24/23 37775 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree/VrOrtho Coordinate Projections Custom coordinate projections are working using PROJ.4 parameters. EPSG codes are also supported and preferred over custom projections.
01/08/23 37767 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Line Display When line points are displayed, the first point is shown with a circle, mid points are shown with a cross and the end point is shown with a square. Line points can be turned on/off with the LpOn and LpOff key-ins or from the Environment pull-down -> Set Display Parameters -> Display line points.
12/20/22 37744 37777 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Edit Toolbars (EdiToo) Fixed a probem that could cause a crash when adding a new Toolbar.
11/16/22 37718 Fix VrTwo Model Manager (ModMan) Fixed problem that was causing the automatic model switching to stop working when a primary application was loaded. An example of a primary application would be Insert Line (InsLin).
11/15/22 Mod VrOne VrThree The command to start VrThree is 3DSC (3D Stereo Collection). This application can now be started with the Vr3 or VrThree key-in. The 3DSC key-in is still supported.
11/12/22 37702 Fix VrTwo roaming Workspace Control (WsCon) Added support for VrTwo roaming.
11/06/22 37695 37701 37694 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Layer Control (LayCon) Fixed the turning on and off of layers and snap layers using the Selected Display On/Off and Selected Snap On/Off buttons.
11/05/22 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Edit Function Keys (EdiFun) Fixed a crash probem that could occur when adding a new Function Key. Fixed a display issue that could occur if a new Function Key was added and Cancel was pressed and Edit Function Keys was re-entered.

Version 07.01.16 10/20/22 [Download]
10/19/22 37683 37689 Fix VrTwo Roaming and Static Fixed driver Stealth V-type driver bug introduced in the previous version. When aquiring new Stealth 3D mice, the Z-Type mouse should be purchased instead of the V-Type mice.

Version 07.01.15 10/12/22 [Download]
10/11/22 37664 Mod VrTwo Roaming When the image scale is less than 1:1, the zoom factor has been changed from 2x to 1.25x. This gives more zoom levels. When the image scale factor is 1:1 or greater the zoom factor remains at 2x.
10/11/22 37663 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Delete Points in Polygon (DelPoi) Added check so that the record parameters dialog is not displayed when the application ends if no parameters where changed. Cleaaned up prompts and added some text to make some of the prompts clearer. Updated on-line documentation.
10/04/22 37662 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Delete Short (DelSho) Fixed the loading of the Minimum Elevation parameter from the parameter file.
10/03/22 Fix VrThree 2D Window Display Fixed problem that caused the last opened 2D window not to show graphics after an entity was saved.
08/26/22 Mod VrThree VrThree display Point decimation is the process in which fewer points are shown during operations such as rotating the view (Shift + Right Mouse Button). If the amount of data that is being displayed allows smooth roaming then Point Decimation should be turned off for faster view changes. Smooth roaming depends on the speed of the computer and the graphics card. Point Decimation can be turned on/off using Shift + D. Roaming can be turned on/off with the Insert key.
08/24/22 Mod VrThree VrThree display Modified to shorten the time to transition into roaming. Fixed hang issue after Replot or Reload commands.
08/22/22 Mod VrTwo Z/I Mouse Added error checking because it was possible for the thread to start without the mouse being connected. This has been modified so the thread is terminated if the mouse is not connected.
08/20/22 Mod VrThree Stealth Z-Mouse Tested the Stealth Z-Mouse for use with VrThree. The X,Y,Z movement of the mouse and button presses are supported. 3D motions such as view rotation must still be done with the system keyboard and mouse.
08/12/22 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Edit Function Keys The Function Key names list panel now resizes with the dialog. The last position and size of the dialog are now saved. When re-opeining the dialog, the last Function Key that was active is remembered. Before moving to another Function Key, a check is done to see if the current key has been saved and a warning with options is displayed if the key has not been saved. Added Save button which saves the current Function Keys to the active Function Keys file.
08/08/22 37590 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Manage Symbols (ManSym) Fixed the display of the symbol and line font names in the dialog box. The dialog now remembers its size and location.
08/02/22 New VrOne/VrThree Points On (PoiOn) Points Off (PoiOff) Added these key-ins. Turns the display of points on or off in VrOne and VrThree windows. An optional argument of 1 thru 8 will apply the command to a single window. For example, 'PoiOff 2' would turn off the point display in window 2. If a window number is not included in the key-in then the command will be applied to all open windows. NOTE: The points display status is remembered when VrOne is reopened. A key-in of 'PoiOn' will turn points on in all windos.
08/02/22 New VrOne/VrThree Vectors On (VecOn) Vectors Off (VecOff) Added these key-ins. Turns the display of vectors on or off in VrOne and VrThree windows. An optional argument of 1 thru 8 will apply the command to a single window. For example, 'VecOff 2' would turn off the vector display in window 2. If a window number is not included in the key-in then the command will be applied to all open windows. NOTE: The vector display status is remembered when VrOne is reopened. A key-in of 'VecOn' will turn vectors on in all windos.
07/25/22 37566 New VrOne Image On (ImaOn) Image Off (ImaOff) Added these key-ins. Turns the display of images on or off in VrOne windows. An optional argument of 1 thru 8 will apply the command to a single window. For example, 'ImaOff 2' would turn off the image display in window 2. If a window number is not included in the key-in then the command will be applied to all open windows. NOTE: The image display status is remembered when VrOne is reopened. A key-in of 'ImaOn' will turn images on in all windos.
17/23/22 37566 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Layer Control (LayCon) Modified how pen numbers are displayed to improve the performance when all layers are displayed. Modified the layer number display so it sorts correctly. Made other small improvements.
07/18/22 37561 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Insert Road (InsRoa) Fixed an intermittent crash problem when loading a paramter file from the menu keys when the parameter file defined more than two lines.
07/18/22 37558 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Edit Toolbars (EdiToo) Fixed a crash problem that occured when a toolbar was deleted.
07/17/22 Fix MicroStation In (MstIn) Scan MST Files Fixed problem in which the Level names were not being placed in the Cross reference layers table.

Version 07.01.14 07/09/22 [Download]
07/03/22 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Active Window Added an active window indicator which is a red icon in the upper left corner (left side of window border) of the active window. Windows that are not active are shown with a the Vr hand globe icon in that location. This is useful when multiple graphics windows are open.
06/15/22 37467 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree ASCII In (AscIn) Blank delimited input files may have one or multiple blanks and/or tabs separating the fields. Fixed problem that caused tab only delimited files not to be translated. Blank and comma delimited files were not affected by this problem.
06/07/22 37504 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Join Lines (JoiLin) Cleaned up display after two lines are joined so all graphics are not replotted.
06/07/22 37499 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Snap Verify OFF (SnaVOff) Fixed display bug that occured when Snap Verify was turned off (SnaVOff).
06/06/22 37501 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Symbols to/from Points (SymPoi) Fixed issue that was causing all symbols to be placed on the Active Workspace when converting symbols to points using multiple workspaces.
05/31/22 37495 Mod All Coordinate Projections Added support for GEOID 18. The Geoid files are typically stored in the C:\vr\bin\Geoid folder. The Geoid files may be downloaded from the Cardinal Systems website under Download Vr Mapping Software.
05/15/22 37486 Mod VrTwo Stealth Z-Mouse Added fast motion keys. Use Input -> Device Controls -> Stealth Z-Mouse or the DevSmz key-in to define the locations of the fast motion keys.
04/28/22 Mod Vr Model Set (VrModSet) Transform EO File (TraEo) The From, To, and EO file selection dialogs now remember their last directory. Cleanup up some of the GUI and nomenclature. Added a results report file and the diaplay of that data in an Information dialog. Added a confirm dialog before applying the results. If No is chosen in the confirm dialog, the application is persistent.
04/27/22 37485 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Text Fixed a bug and a crash that could occur when text labels were greater than 64 characters in length. The maximum length of a text label is 511 characters.
04/15/22 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Transform Vr Files (TraVr) Redesigned this batch application. The computations are the same but the GUI is more compatible with other batch applications. Added support for the transformation of text. Added a test run option to run the computations and display results without transforming the Vr files. Added a help page.
03/25/22 37460 Mod VrTwo Stealth V Mouse Made modifications to the Stealth V mouse driver to accomodate changes in Windows 10 and tested the mouse.
03/25/22 Mod VrTwo Softmouse 3D Made modifications to the Softmouse 3D driver to accomodate changes in Windows 10 and tested the mouse.
03/15/22 37447 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree MicroStation In (MstIn) Fixed several problems with the parameter file. Fixed problems that could occur in certain configations with Cross Reference Styles.
03/02/22 37413 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Pen Number If a pen table is not being used then the pen number in the Function Key should be used. This has been fixed.
02/15/22 37396 37409 Fix VrOne Startup Fixed crash that could occur during startup when the Z Source was set to 'DTM surface if active'
02/07/22 37289 Fix VrOrtho Define CRS In Edit Project -> Create Mosaics -> Parameters, the 'Define CRS' button that opens the Define Coordinate Reference (CRS) dialog has been fixed.

Version 07.01.12 02/05/22 [Download]
02/03/22 37389 Fix VrOne Open Image (OpeIma) Fixed problem causing SID image files not to open.
02/02/22 37290 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Make Polygons (MakPol) Fixed parameter load problem that occured when loading a new parameter file from the prompt.
02/02/22 37387 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Ascii In (AscIn) Fixed a bug when importing comma delimited ASCII files.
01/31/22 37379 New VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Move Vertex (MovVer) Move Vertex is point oriented, interactive editor which has the ability quickly identify and move points on a line. This application is specialized for the quick relocation of line points one at a time with a minimum of key presses needed. Please see the help page for more information.
01/18/22 37365 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree DxfOut The loading of the Cross Reference Line Fonts parameters from file has been fixed.
01/17/22 Mod VrTwo Roaming Added additional error checking to avoid intermittent crashes during roaming.
01/16/22 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Transform Ws (TraWs) Added a graphics replot and reload after the transfomation is complete.
01/15/22 37366 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Edit Vr Header (EdiVr) Added the option to apply the specified Target Scale to all open workspaces.
01/15/22 37367 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree RunDtm (RunDtm) Added Reload after the DTM has been processed. The affects Stereo Roaming only.
01/15/22 37372 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Line Close (LinClo) Fixed the loading of the parameter file.
01/15/22 37372 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Clear Polygons (ClePol) Fixed the loading of the 'New layer for lines inside polygon' parameter.
01/15/22 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree DxfIn (DxfIn) Fixed input overrun error that could occur when the input file contained an unusually long line.
01/07/22 37358 Fix VrModSet Convert EO File Coordinates (ConEo) Fixed coordinate transformation (i.e. State Plane to WGS84) bug that was causing an error in output. This bug was in 07.01.10 and 07.10.11.
01/07/22 37176 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Drive Google (DriGoo) Fixed coordinate transformation (i.e. State Plane to WGS84) bug that was causing Google Earth to drive to the wrong location. This bug was in 07.01.10 and 07.10.11.
12/17/21 37341 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree LAS In (LasIn) Fixed bug that would occur if 'Translate deleted LAS points' was turned off.

Version 07.01.11 11/11/21 [Download]
11/09/21 37280 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Merge (Merge) Fixed the display in the dialog that shows the results.
11/08/21 37283 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Batch Node (BatNod) Fixed the handling of user defined parameters and the display of the dialog.
10/28/21 37275 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Label Symbol Elevations (LabSym) Fixed the loading of a parameter file.
10/28/21 37275 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Clear Polygons (ClePol) Fixed the loading of a parameter file.
10/28/21 37277 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Function Key Started (FunKey) Fixed modal display problem which did not allow input while dialog was active.
10/27/21 37276 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Ascii In (AscIn) Fixed problem causing the translation parameters not being recalled correctly.
10/25/21 37272 Fix VrTwo Roaming Fixed problem that could cause VrTwo to crash intermittently. This crash would typically occur when moving and would not display the crash dialog.
10/24/21 37255 Fix VrTwo Roaming Fixed display issue in which the cursor would jump when moving larger distances.
10/16/21 37259 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Cut Polygon (CutPol) Fixed problem with the Enter Parameters dialog not keeping its settings.

Version 07.01.10 10/08/21 [Download]
09/30/21 37224 New VrAT/VrModelSet/VrOrtho Edit Camera We now support importing interior orientation measurements parameters from Summit smtxml files.
09/29/21 37231 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Set Layers (SetLay) Increased the number of stored layer NumberLines from 10 to 20.
09/24/21 New VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Translate VR files Translate VR files now has a parameter to let the user choose between 3D and 2D (constant Z) transformations.
09/15/21 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree XYZ This key-in is used to drive to a coordinate position (i.e. XYZ 1310275.95 10498590.38 2582.71). Fixed problem with parsing the coordinate list.
09/10/21 37218 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Layer Names (EdiLay) This dialog edits the entries in the layer name text file (.lay). The layer name file is defined in the Vr Configuration program under Configuration -> Vector Graphics -> Layer Name file. This dialog now displays correctly and allows editing of the layer name file.
09/07/21 37204 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Delete Close (DelClo) Fixed the processing time delay that was occurring in the previous release
09/06/21 New VrOne/VrTwo Set Active Workspace (AWS) Added a new dialog box that allows the selection of the Active Workspace by clicking the file name from a list of open workspaces (files). The dialog is non-modal so it can remain open while other program operations occur. A right mouse click anywhere in the window will show a popup menu that offers the opening or closing of VrOne files. The dialog size and location along with the width of the file name field are remembered. The dialog can be started with the AWS key-in without any parameters.
09/01/21 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Batch Applications Modified the batch applications so they could run in VrTwo roaming. These changes dealt with the graphical user interface and involved about 60 batch applications.
08/26/21 37179 Fix Reformat Run Fixed problem that could occur when running a reformat.
08/21/21 37180 Fix Shape In (ShaIn) Load Parameters Fixed problem that could occur when loading an existing parameter file.
08/16/21 Mod Trim Lines (TriLin) VrTwo roaming Modified so tentative lines display correctly in VrTwo roaming.
08/13/21 37169 Mod VrTwo Roaming Reimplemented a graphics display fix so that vector graphics do not need to be reloaded as much during interactive collection and editing.
08/11/21 37078 Mod VrTwo Static and roaming Adjusted the 3D mouse movement scale in static mode to match the movement in roaming mode.
08/11/21 37153 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Batch Join (BatJoi) Fixed intermittent issue that could cause a crash.
08/09/21 New VrTwo Roaming The new command Drive Center (DriCen) will drive the cursor to the center of the open model (must be an on-the-fly model).
08/10/21 37069 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Load Macros Improved the speed of loading macros during program startup
08/10/21 37171 Mod VrTwo Roaming In the Vr Configuration file (c:\vr7\hostdir\vr.cfg), ClipToModel should be set to 1.
08/09/21 Mod VrOne/VrTwo VrOne File Added a check for invalid (Not A Number - nan) window scale and location parameters. These are the view parameters stored with each VrOne file.
08/11/21 New VrTwo Stereo compilation Model Neat (ModNea) applies a rectangular mask to models to prevent operators from attempting to collect data from image edges.
08/11/21 New VrTwo Stereo compilation Model radius (ModRad) applies a circular mask to models to prevent operators from attempting to collect data from image corners/edges.
08/09/21 New VrTwo Stereo compilation The new command Drive Center (DriCen) will drive the cursor to the center of the open model (must be an on-the-fly model).

Version 07.01.09 08/06/21 [Download]
08/06/21 37163 Fix VrTwo Roaming Layers If layer one was turned off, then Vr Points in other layers would not display in VrTwo roaming. This has been fixed.
08/06/21 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Layer Control (LayCon) If 'Replot after each change' is checked then graphics are replotted when any of the checkboxes are changed. The dialog state parameters are now saved when the dialog is moved or resized.
08/06/21 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Point (EdiPoi) Fixed drive to zero issue when there are no points within the search radius (Point NOT found).
08/05/21 37158 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Global Change (Glob) Fixed the use of operators for the CHANGE TO Text Height and Width. Example: 2*
08/05/21 New VrModelSet Translate EO file The new command 'Translate EO File (TraEO)' translates an EO files using two coordinates files with matching point names to define the transformation.
08/05/21 New VrOne Translate VR files The new command 'Translate VR Files (TraVR)' translates VR files using two coordinates files with matching point names to define the transformation.
08/03/21 Fix VrTwo Stereo Roaming Corrected an issue that made it possible to hang the software when adjusting brightness or contrast on high distortion convergent stereo pairs.
08/01/21 37075 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Insert Fly Line (InsFly) Fixed the message display in the main window.
08/01/21 37151 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Delete Duplicates (DelDup) Fixed crash issue.
07/30/21 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Edit Points (EdiPoi) Added option to move the Z of the point locked onto to the Cursor Z. This option may be set in Enter params. This option may alse be set with the key-in of 'ZMOD 0' for Z mode don't move Z or 'ZMOD 1' for move Z to cursor. Fixed an issue that could cause a crash on exit.
07/29/21 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Vr Symbol - VrPoint Conversion (SymPoi) Fixed problem that was causing only the first workspace to be processed when set to All
07/25/21 37146 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Drape Polygon (DraPol) Fixed problem that could occur and run drape on the current saved line when this application came back to the top of the application stack.
07/23/21 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Graphics windows Fixed problem that could occur when resizing the static stereo window or switching between static stereo and roaming stereo
07/23/21 37107 New VrOrtho Image Balance The image balance algorithm now saves a record of points near image boundaries that were weighted more heavily in the image balance computation. These points mark the mosaic seams and are found in the ImgBalanceEdgePoints.vr in the project directory after running orthos or mosaics.
07/23/21 37107 New VrOrtho Image Balance The image balance algorithm was revisited to make it more robust to areas were the images are not comparable (e.g. different specular reflection on water).
07/19/21 37015 37089 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Drape (Dra) Fixed an issue that could occur in the user defined parameters.

Version 07.01.08 07/07/21 [Download]
07/02/21 37044 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Python Fixed the passing of arguments to a Python script
07/02/21 37095 Fix VrOne MstOut (MstOut) Fixed problem that could occur when loading a parameter (.mso) file.
06/28/21 37089 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Drape (Dra) Fixed load parameters problem that would occur when specifying a parameter file name with the dialog.

Version 07.01.07 06/25/21 [Download]
06/25/21 37044 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Macros Fixed the passing of parameters to a macros using place markers (%1, %2, %3 ...)
06/20/21 37045 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Keypoint (KeyPoi) Restored the key-point generation method to version 6.
06/16/21 37053 37056 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Delete Window (DelWin) Fixed problem that would occur when points were in the delete window.
06/14/21 37028 Fix VrOrtho Ortho/Mosaic Bicubic resampling for 16-bit images was fixed.

Version 07.01.06 06/12/21 [Download]
06/11/21 37044 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree All Fixed the Window Scale (WinSca) key-in when the target scale was entered without a 1= or 1: prefix. If a prefix is not entered, 1= is assumed.
06/11/21 37041 Fix VrTwo Roaming Fixed issue that could cause vector graphics to not display after using an edit application such as Edit Line. When this occurred, the ReLoad (Rel) key-in would refresh vectors in the stereo display.
06/11/21 New VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Inherit It is now possible to inherit attributes from the function key starter (shift double click) or through a local argument key int (e.g. fk=fence) in addition to from an example feature.

Version 07.01.05 06/08/21 [Download]
06/08/21 37029 Fix VrModSet/VrTwo Various It was possible for one of the images in a stereo model to be rotated incorrectly. This has been fixed. A crash could occur in 'Change on-the-fly image paths' in VrModSet if a project was not open. This has been fixed.

Version 07.01.04 06/04/21 [Download]
06/01/21 Fix All Programs Close The close box in the Main Window now closes the application in all programs
03/06/21 Mod ModelSet Project Edit Model creation is much faster.
05/31/21 37022 New VrOne/VrTwo Function Key Starter The function key starter now uses screen area more efficiently and allows the column width and font size to be changed.
05/31/21 37008 Fix VrTwo Stereo compilation Brightness and contrast settings are now maintained between sessions.
05/28/21 37001 New VrOrtho/VrOne Ortho/Mosaic Users now have the option to use bilinear or bicubic image resampling.
05/28/21 37001 Fix VrOne Mosaic Geo Tiff tags are now correctly propagated from the input to the output images.
05/27/21 37013 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Macros (EdiMac) Fixed the delete function / MK
05/27/21 36983 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Global Change (Glob) Fixed file name entry when loading an existing parameter file.

Version 07.01.03 05/24/21 [Download]
05/21/21 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Coordiante Projections Reimplemented the ability to turn coordinate projections on/off
05/21/21 36997 Fix VrOne/VrTwo All Fixed problem with setting and saving the Target Scale and Vr File description
05/29/21 Mod ModelSet Project Edit Added sanity checks for model naming parameters.
05/08/21 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Drape Polygon Upgraded application to use the Fade DTM engine
05/06/21 36960 New VrAT Bundle Added information about EO bias to the bundle highlights report.
05/06/21 36958 New VrAT No-EO auto tie No-EO auto tie has been rewritten to be faster and more reliable.
05/05/21 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Sheet Layout Added an option to number sheets starting at different numbers.

Version 07.01.02 04/27/21 [Download]
04/23/21 Fix VrTwo On-the-fly stereo Fixed some issues with on-the-fly resampling of highly convergent models.
04/23/21 Fix VrOne Layer Control The snap flags in layer control were not updating correctly.
04/23/21 Fix VrOne RunDTM Fixed a bug that caused some DTM triangles to be drawn incorrectly in long narrow work areas.
04/23/21 Mod VrOne Layer Control Layer control loads faster now.
04/23/21 Mod VrTwo Roaming Made modifications in the handling of image tiles in roaming.

Version 07.01.01 04/03/21 [Download]
04/03/21 36911 Mod VrTwo Roaming mode When zooming between zoom levels when using a 3D input device such as the Stealth mouse, the mouse cursor (pointer) no longer centers in the middle of screen 1
04/02/21 36911 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Drape polygon When draping points, fixed the setup problem that was causing the data to be draped to zero elevation.

Version 07.01.00 03/19/21 [Download]
03/15/21 36840 Fix VrOne/VrTwo RunDtm Fixed a hang when running DTMs in VrTwo in roaming mode.
03/12/21 Mod All Coordinate reference systems Upgraded to PROJ4 version 7.2.1. This version supports many new coordinates systems. Related GUI's have been rewritten.
03/05/21 36889 Fix VrAT Drive control Toggled measure flags were not being retained correctly. This has been fixed.
03/04/21 Fix VrOrtho Edit project There was a lag in the application of the new output directories for mosaics. This has been fixed.
02/04/21 New Image Utility Edit project Image utility now uses the same project edit interface as the other modules. Image utility projects are now saved as ATP files.
02/04/21 Fix Image Utility Film interior orientation Fixed film image interior orientation in version 7.
03/11/21 36894 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Shape Out (ShpOut) Fixed several problems that caused some parameters not to load correctly from the parameter file.
03/10/21 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Keypoint (KeyPoi) Removed the VrThree (VrLiDAR) license requirement to run Keypoint
02/15/21 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Function Keys When loading the Function Key file, the key description (KeyDesc) is truncated to 63 characters if needed.
02/14/21 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Layer table (.lay) Fixed bug causing table not to load.
02/02/21 36835 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Delete Points in Polygons (DelPoi) Fixed various bugs that were causing this application to not function.
02/02/21 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Macro (EdiMac) Fixed bug when adding a file name.
02/01/21 36845 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Function Key Starter (FunKey) Fixed problem that could cause a crash if the dialog was resized to a single column of Function Keys.

Version 07.00.11 02/01/21 [Download]

Version 07.00.10 12/09/20 [Download]
12/08/20 36813 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Shape Out (ShpOut) Fixed several issues dealing with the parameter file.
12/07/20 Mod All All Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 07.00.09 11/17/20 [Download]
11/15/20 36776 Fix VrOne WinRot The Menu Keys dialog was disappearing after application start. This has been fixed.

Version 07.00.07 08/27/20 [Download]

Version 07.00.05 06/07/20 [Download]
03/19/20 Fix VrModelSet Main window The exit button now works.

Version 07.00.04 03/15/20 [Download]
03/12/20 Fix Vr One/Vr Two/Vr Ortho RunDtm Dtm generation with millions of points and user defined boundaries was too slow. The boundary condition is applied much faster now.
03/12/20 New Vr Two Model Management The new command Model, But-matched boundaries divides the stereo coverage area into regions for each model.
02/27/20 Fix Vr AT/Vr Ortho/Vr Model Set Project Wizard Images in projects with multiple cameras are now displayed correctly as sets of images are selected.
02/27/20 Fix Vr AT Import Datumate Fixed Datumate import bugs and added a progress bar.
02/21/20 Fix All Infobox Fixed a bug in info box that could cause unintended recursive calls to user signals.
02/20/20 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Layer Control Layer control was not saving it's settings in version 7.
02/20/20 Mod VrAt Bundle There is now more seamless support for bundle with exterior orientations in one coordinate system and ground control in another.
02/20/20 New VrAT Control File Flat file format control files are now support. This is any file that is comma, tab, or space delimited but has at least on each line of the file.
02/19/20 New VrAT Project Import There is now a project import wizard for the Phantom 4 Pro RTK.
02/17/20 Fix VrAT Layout from EOs Automatic layout using EOs works better for irregular strips.
02/17/20 Fix VrAT Auto Tie The AutoTie and LS matcher work better for high distortion images.
02/12/20 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Join Lines The ends of lines that are nearest the user digitized points are joined in match mode (instead of the line end points that are the closest together).
02/12/20 Mod VrOne/VrTwo RunDTM Run DTM not detects crossing break lines and removes line segments as necessary to produce some results.
02/12/20 Fix VrAt Edit project Users can no longer edit a project without first specifying a project file name.
02/07/20 Mod All 2D windows The default is now to allow the mouse wheel to zoom 2D windows.
02/07/20 Mod Vr AT Bundle The default adjustment software is now VrAdjust.
02/07/20 Mod VrTwo Model Manager If no other model is currently open, some model from the list of opened models will be opened as a default.
02/04/20 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Vr Points Fixed problem that could occur when searching for a point in multiple workspaces.
02/03/20 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Stealth Z-Mouse Added overrun error checking

Version 07.00.03 02/02/20 [Download]
02/01/20 New Vr Three Drape Cursor The draper cursor now has an interactive outline to show the area of affect. The area of affect can now be round, rectangular, or a polygon.
02/01/20 Fix VrTwo Stereo Compilation Fixed a bug that caused a slow down over time in on-the-fly stereo with lots of vector overlay data.
02/01/20 New Vr Model Set Project Setup On the orientations and control tab there is now a button to export the imported EOs in various formats.
02/01/20 New Vr Model Set Project Setup On the orientations and control tab there is now a button to write world files that place the raw images in their approximate locations (if there are EOs and a control file).
02/01/20 Mod Vr Model Set Project Setup The project setup menus have been stream lined to minimize steps, remember users last used file types, and prevent user errors.
02/01/20 Fix VrTwo Stereo Compilation A bug related to on-the-fly models using scan line tifs was fixed.
02/01/20 Mod VrTwo Model Manager The model manager has been redesigned to be a better project management tool and more readily support small and medium format cameras. They new setup is introduced in this video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vqjzss8ybu3h4c5/ModelManagement.mp4?dl=0.
02/01/20 New VrTwo Model Manager Model Manager Setup (ModSet or from the Environment pull down) now includes three new parameters. The first is a directory that contains the project's model files. The second is a workspace layer where boundaries of open models are dynamically updated. The third is layer where closed lines are drawn to delineated work areas. Models in these areas can be opened with a single command (ModAre/ModAre+).
02/01/20 New VrTwo Model Manager The new command ModGro (Models, Grow) expands the currently open models to include all models from the model directory (See ModSet) that overlap the currently open models. Introduction video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vqjzss8ybu3h4c5/ModelManagement.mp4?dl=0.
02/01/20 New VrTwo Model Manager The new command ModAre/ModAre+ (Models, Area) opens all models from the model directory (See ModSet) that overlap the smallest polygon on the Model regions layer (See ModSet) that contains the current cursor location. Introduction video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vqjzss8ybu3h4c5/ModelManagement.mp4?dl=0.
02/01/20 New VrTwo Model Manager The new command ModHer/ModHer+ (Models, Here) opens all models that contain the current cursor location. Including a '+' to the end of the command with prevent currently openly models from being closed. Introduction video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vqjzss8ybu3h4c5/ModelManagement.mp4?dl=0.

Version 07.00.00 11/01/18 [Download]
09/16/18 Mod All Programs All Various fixes and improvements for beta release.
09/16/18 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree RunDtm The default DTM engine is now Fade.
09/01/18 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Edit Toolbars (EdiToo) Improved interface and behavior of the dialog. Added the ability to reorder tool bar items. Due to changes in the GUI libraries, Toolbars currently do not have the ability to be docked to the main or graphics windows. Toolbars may be placed anywhere on the desktop and the position will be remembered.
08/01/18 Mod All Programs All Applications Vr Mapping is now delivered as 64-bit applications only. 32-bit applications are no longer supported, and the software is delivered as one downloadable file instead of two. With the non-support of 32-bit applications, Vr Mapping no longer supports the Windows XP operating system. Windows 7 and Windows 10 are the supported operating systems.
08/01/18 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Python Programming The embedded Python libraries have been updated from version 2.7.3 to version 3.6.4.
08/01/18 Mod All Programs All Applications Various Vr Mapping support libraries and programming tools have been updated. These updates include the code compiler, Python, Qt, OpenGL, OpenCV, the DTM Engine, Image libraries, the license manager. Also, crash reporting has been added at version 6.

Version 06.00.09 04/01/20 [Download]
03/14/20 36581 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Shape Out (ShaOut) 64-bit Fixed a library problem that was causing the attribute table to be created incorrectly in ArcView. This problem affected the 64-bit version only.

Version 06.00.08 02/29/20 [Download]
02/03/20 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Stealth Z-Mouse Added overrun error checking
02/04/20 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Vr Points Fixed problem that could occur when searching for a point in multiple workspaces.

Version 06.00.07 12/05/19 [Download]
12/01/19 Fix VrTwo VrTwo Roaming Several modifications were made to VrTwo roaming dealing with memory that might cause crash problems.
11/20/19 36491 Fix VrTwo Orientation Absolute Orientation Fixed problem that was introduced in a previous release. It is recommended that users migrate to the Vr Model Set (VrModSet) program instead of using VrTwo Orientation, if possible.

Version 06.00.06 06/15/19 [Download]
06/14/19 New VrTwo 3D Mouse Added support for the Softmouse 3D. Please see LasI] and [http://www.vrmapping.net/help5/las_out.htm LasOut] for more information.
04/05/19 32950 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree LasIn When importing LAS 1.4 files with data format 7 or 8, the RGB values were not being stored. This has been fixed.
03/21/19 Mod VrModelSet Change on-the-fly image paths Change on-the-fly images paths now gives users the option to change unbroken image paths.
02/01/19 New VrAt Import A project can now be automatically set up from Pix4D files.
03/26/19 New VrAirTrig Import Measurements Added support for the import of measurements from the Datumate drone system. The includes measurements and ground control files.
03/14/19 32926 Fix VrTwo Delete Close (DelClo) Fixed dialog box key-in problem when Delete Close (DelClo) was being run from VrTwo in roaming mode.

Version 06.00.05 03/08/19 [Download]
03/02/19 32900 New VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree/VrConfiguration Backup Parameters (BacPar) Added this application which allows the editing/definition of the Vr File backup parameters. These parameters include the definition of the VrOne file backup name and the definition of the time interval for automatic backups. These parameters are also available in the Vr Configuration program under Configuration -> Backup parameters. Please see
Version 06.00.04 09/27/18 [Download]
1/17/19 New VrAT Import A project can be now automatically set up from Agisoft Summit exports.
1/17/19 New VrAT Import Summit project, camera, and control files can now be imported.
1/14/19 Fix VrModelSet Create models Fix a hang related to some high distortion cameras.
1/14/19 Fix All Read control file Large control files are opened more more quickly now.
1/14/19 Fix VrDSM Generate DSMs Fixed a crash related to some high distortion cameras.
10/25/18 New VrAT Bundle There is now the option to do a post bundle absolute orientation. The absolute orientation moves the images as a rigid mass to match the ground control as closely as possible. This is useful as a diagnostic tool when studying the stability of free networks. It is also useful when working with high precision airborne GNSS data. It allows the airborne to constrain the solution and then moving it to match the ground control--this mitigates boresight and lever arm issues.
10/23/18 12289 Fix VrOrtho Import parameters Fixed a crash when importing resampling parameters from another project.
10/23/18 New VrTwo DLT models DLT stereo models can be used in the model manager.
09/17/17 Mod VrTwo Toggle Roam The floating mark position now remains static when toggling between roaming and static stereo.
09/17/17 New Vr Model Set Compute Sharpness The command 'compute sharpness' (ComSha) populates the VrModelSet project file and subsequent VMF model files with a quantification of the image sharpness.
09/17/17 New Vr Model Set Create Models There is now a check box to create models exclusive from consecutive strip images regardless of the amount of image overlap.
09/17/18 Fix Vr Model Set Create Models Only control points that are in the re-sampled stereo image area are saved into separate model files.
09/17/18 Fix VrAirTrig Bundle Self calibration bundle adjustments automatically assign images to a new camera file when bundle results are saved.
09/17/18 12276 New Vr Model Set Dump GCPs The command 'dump GCPs' (DumGCP) exports the current control file to a generic control file. It is a convenience command for creating a record of the input.
09/17/18 12276 New Vr Model Set Dump EOs The command 'dump EOs' (DumEOs) exports imported exterior orientation to an ISAT format EO file. It is a convenience command that provides a short cut for EO file conversion.

Version 06.00.03 08/28/18 [Download]
08/28/18 Mod All Programs All The Vr Mapping licensing system now supports Cloud-based floating licenses and is the recommended licensing method. Please see
Version 06.00.02 06/04/18 [Download]
06/25/18 Mod Vr Model Set Change VMF image paths Change VMF image paths now ignores file type extensions.
06/13/18 Mod Vr Model Set Orientations and Control Control file conversions to native format now default to be saved in the project directory.
06/13/18 Mod Vr Model Set Orientations and Control Import IOs is now disabled for digital images.
06/08/18 Mod Vr Model Set Orientations and Control Optimized point projections in images for large projects.
06/08/18 Fix Vr Model Set Create Models Models files max path length was extended to 256 characters.
06/07/18 11965,11816 Fix VrOne BatDep Introduced multiple user selectable definitions of 'Depression contour' for customizable processing.
04/03/18 12015 New VrOrtho VrOrtho Added support for 16-bit 4-channel images.
04/03/18 12002 Fix VrOrtho VrOrtho Fixed a bug that caused some 4-channel mosaics to have a constant 4th channel.

Version 06.00.00 03/03/18 [Download]
03/02/18 New All Programs All Replaced licensing system. The new system allows none-locked and floating licenses. In the case of floating licenses, the license server is run on one of the client's computers. The new system requires new license files to be obtained for each Vr Mapping site.
02/15/18 11935 Fix CamCal Calibrate Fixed a crash occurred when the automatic corner detector failed for all images.

Version 05.09.08d 02/03/18 [Download]
02/03/18 11914 New VrOne/VrTwo Convert Vr Files (ConVr) Added VrOne file conversion from database format 8 (05.09.00) back to format 7 (05.05.00). This conversion can be performed if the VrOne file does not use LAS record formats 6, 7, or 8 from LAS 1.4.
02/01/18 Mod VrOne/VrTwo All Added improved exception handling which now provides an option to email a crash report for better tracing of software exceptions.

Version 05.09.08 01/19/18 [Download]
01/24/18 New VrTwo Model, Drive Control The Model Drive Control (ModDrC) drives the operator to all control points in all models to generate a control accuracy report. The model manage must be open to use this application.
01/17/18 11875 New VrModelSet Change VMF image paths There are now progress bars for change VMF image paths operations.
01/16/18 New VrTwo Model Precision A new application used to measure the precision of feature measurement in multiple models.
01/13/18 11861 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Create VrOne File (CreVr/NewVr) Fixed the assignment of target scale and file management when creating a VrOne file with other workspaces open.
01/12/18 11538 Fix VrTwo Create DLT (CreDLT) Fixed problem that could occur when creating DLT models. The Create DLT application creates VrTwo support files from several formats which are used to represent psusdo stereo models from LiDAR points.
01/12/18 Mod VrTwo Create DLT (CreDLT) Added support for XML (.smtxml) as an input format.
01/12/18 Fix VrTwo Model Manager (ModMan) Fixed several items that caused problems in the previous release.

Version 05.09.07 01/09/18 [Download]
01/09/18 Fix VrTwo Open Model Models opened in roaming at zoom scales greater than 1:1 did not display correctly until the displayed was zoomed. This has been corrected.
01/08/17 11110 11832 11839 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Hack Line (HacLin) Fixed problem introduced in version 05.09.06 that could cause the solution to fail when hacking internal to the target line.
01/08/18 11846 Fix VrCamCal Calibrate The calibration conversion to mm was not complete.
01/05/18 New VrTwo ModCen The new command 'model, center' (ModCen) opens the model whose center is nearest the floating mark without changing the floating mark position.
01/05/18 New VrTwo ModNex The new command 'model, next' (ModNex) toggles through the models that observe a location without changing the floating mark position.
01/04/18 11829 Fix VrOne PoiOut The PoiOut command was ignoring the user specified layers on export for points (not symbols).
01/04/18 11829 Fix VrTwo RunDtm Corrected a issue that sometimes excluded points (not symbols) from DTM's with polygon boundaries.
12/25/17 Fix VrTwo DSMAre The DSMAre command now works for resampled models (not just on-the-fly).
12/19/17 Fix VrModelSet Change VMF image paths VMF image paths can now be repaired for subsets of the images. The utility also provides better reporting.
12/18/17 11814 Fix VrTwo Stereo roaming Fixed an issue related to the new maximum model radius parameter, that caused a crash when on-the-fly roaming compressed TIF images with internal pyramids.
12/18/17 New VrAt/VrModSet Project Wizard Parsing strip and photo numbers from image names can now be done by separator characters in the project wizards.
12/18/17 Mod VrAt/VrModSet Project Wizard The image name parsing dialog now has a minimum width so that it isn't hard to read with very short image names.
12/20/17 11812 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Point Display (PoiDis) (PO) The display of the classifications used has been fixed.
12/19/17 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Create Vr File (CreVr) (NewVr) Added option to open the new VrOne file after creation.

Version 05.09.06 12/17/17 [Download]
12/16/17 New VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Symbols to/from VrPoints (SymPoi) Added this batch application which converts Vr Symbols to (or from) VrPoints. Please see Hack Lin] for more information.
10/30/17 Fix VrOrtho Ortho creation The ortho created flags (yes/no) now update correctly as ortho are created and parameters changed.
10/30/17 New VrOrtho Edit parameters Ortho parameters can now be imported from other VrOrtho projects.
10/30/17 11694 Fix VrOrtho Ortho creation Fixed a bug that caused missing data in orthos.
10/30/17 11697 Fix VrOtho Single photo resection The single photo resection 'Close' and 'Save' button now work as expected.
10/30/17 11698 Mod VrOtho Single photo resection Resection measurements are now saved in a phr file in the project directory.
10/30/17 11699 New VrOrtho Single photo resection The single photo resection utility now drives to control points after three have been measured.
10/26/17 11695 Fix VrOtho Edit Project An irrelevant error message is no longer displayed when added photos.

Version 05.09.05 09/26/17 [Download]
09/26/17 Mod VrAT Layout The Layout adjustment menu has been updated to be more useful.
09/26/17 Fix VrOrtho Create Ortho/Mosaic Fixed a bug that caused resampling to slow down if the output image pixel centers aligned with DTM triangle vertices.
09/26/17 Fix Program RunDtm fade Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the contour image from processing point clouds with over tens of millions of points.
09/26/17 11661 New VrAT/VrModelSet/VrOrtho Project Wizard A button was added to the Orientations and Control tab of the project wizard that rotates selected imported image kappa angles by 90?. This makes setups easier when images have been rotated rotated.
09/23/17 11665 Mod VrModSet Convert EO File Coordinates Added support for the Airbotix EO format

Version 05.09.04 08/03/17 [Download]
08/01/17 11633 Fix All Open Dialog Fixed problem that could occur when defining a file

Version 05.09.03 07/28/17 [Download]
08/25/17 Mod VrAt Bundle The bundle highlights report now includes all the advanced bundle parameters.
08/25/17 Mod VrAt AutoTie AutoTie now works better in challenging images.
08/25/17 Mod All File open dialogs All file opening and directory choosing dialogs are now standard windows dialogs.

Version 05.09.02 08/20/17 [Download]
08/17/17 11579 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Drape Control (DraCon) Added the ability to optionally drape control points to the active DTM surface. This application now has the ability to drape to VrPoints using the High/Low point search or drape to the active DTM surface.

Version 05.09.01 08/03/17 [Download]
08/01/17 New VrAt/VrModSet/VrOrtho Open control file Listed programs now convert Socket GPF and Match-AT prj files to VR control files on the fly.
07/31/17 New VrAt/VrModSet/VrOrtho Edit Camera In the camera edit dialog Focal Length, PPOs, and image size can be imported from a Match-AT project file.
07/31/17 New VrOrtho Project Wizard You can now double-click on a camera to edit it from within the VrOrtho project wizard.
07/27/17 11496 Mod/Fix VrOne Cut Sheet Cut sheet now supports rotated images, resampling to different GSDs, and has a new more intuitive interface.

Version 05.09.00 07/18/17 [Download]
07/18/17 11332 11496 New VrOne Image viewing A wider variety of GeoTiff tags are now supported.
07/14/17 11535 Mod VrOne Grid In (GriIn) Added the ability to specify the X and Y increment sign (+ or -). Using these parameters allow for the mirroring of the X and(or) Y axis. Added the ability to delete the target VrOne files, if they exist, before translation to avoid appending to these files. Please see Batch Joi] for more information.
07/01/17 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree All The VrOne database which stores mapping data has been updated to database version 8 to accommodate LAS Version 1.4. VrOne files from previous releases are upwards compatible with Vr Mapping version 05.09.00 and above however, files created by version 05.09.00 and above are not backwards compatible with previous releases of the the Vr Mapping software.
07/01/17 10572 11223 11487 Mod VrOne LASIn/LASOut Added support for the LAS Specification Version 1.4. Please see SetWorl] for more information on these parameters

Version 05.08.03 05/23/17 [Download]
05/17/17 New VrModSet EXIF Data From Images to UTM (ExiUtm) Added this application which reads the latitude, longitude and height from the EXIF data in images in a user defined folder and converts to UTM or state plane. It is assumed the EXIF data is WGS84. Writes an exterior orientation (EO) in ISAT EO file format with the omega, phi and kappa angles set to zero.
05/16/17 Mod All Programs WGS84, State plane Preset Buttons WGS84 latitude longitude, WGS84 UTM and State plane preset buttons have been added to the geographic coordinate projection dialog box. These buttons set the parameters to one of these three presets. When setting the parameters to WGS84 UTM, the UTM zone will require setting. When setting the parameters to Sate plane, the State plane zone will require setting. NAD83 is defined as the datum when using the State plane preset. Your projection parameters may be different than these available presets and the projection parameters should be reviewed before use. Please see
Version 05.08.02 02/23/17 [Download]
02/16/17 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Hatch Line Added Hatch Angle Base parameter which bases the hatch angle on the coordinate system or a side of the polygon to be hatched. In previous versions, the hatch angle was always based on the coordinate system only. Options include basing the hatch angle on the coordinate system, the first side, longest side or the shortest side of the polygon to be hatched. Basing the hatch angle on a side of the polygon is useful for placing steps on stairway polygons. Please see
Version 05.08.01 02/08/17 [Download]
02/03/17 11265 11293 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Create VrOne File (CreVr) Fixed problem causing the default target scale to be used. Fixed problem in 32-bit that created a file when Cancel was pressed.
02/03/17 10989 Mod VrTwo Trim Lines 1 (TriLi1) Added option to drive to the intersection of the lines being trimmed or don't drive. The drive operation now occurs during the verification step if specified. The option to drive is in Parameters (button 7). Drive only occurs in VrTwo.
01/30/17 New Vr AirTrig Import Measurements AirTrig can now import PatB measurement files.
01/30/17 Fix Vr AirTrig Layout Points and image boundaries display correctly when image are overlapped (see LayOve).
01/25/17 11275 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Vr ToolBars The length of the Command string has been increased from 128 characters to 256 characters.
01/25/17 Fix VrModSet Export Exif data Exif data can now be exported to paths with spaces.
01/23/17 Fix VrAirTrig Add manual point Users are not able to optional overwrite an exiting point using the add manual points command.
01/23/17 Fix VrOrtho Mosaic Mosaic sizes auto update when the GSD parameter is changed.
01/23/17 Fix VrOrtho Mosaic When a mosaic boundary file is chosen the mosaic table auto populates.
01/23/17 Fix VrOrtho Mosaic The number of text object listed in each layer is no longer inaccurate.
01/23/17 Fix VrOrtho Mosaic Mosaics listed in the table no longer reorder when parameters are changed.
01/23/17 Fix VrOrtho Mosaic Mosaics listed in the table no longer reorder when parameters are changed.
01/13/17 Fix VrAirTrig Layout Fixed problem that could cause stray lines to be drawn in Layout when the display of strip directions was turned on.

Version 05.08.00 01/11/17 [Download]
01/05/17 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree New Vr (CreVr) or Create Vr (CreVr) The Create Vr (CreVr) command should be used to create new VrOne files. In previous releases, the dialog that opened multiple files could be used to create new files. This option has been obsoleted and Create Vr should be used.
01/05/17 Mod All Open and Save Dialog Boxes The dialog boxes that allow definition of files to open or save in Vr Mapping has been standardized by using the Windows dialogs. Earlier versions used a combination of Windows dialogs and custom dialogs such as the Open Vr File(s) (OpeVr). The custom dialog box used to open multiple files has be obsoleted. To create a new VrOne file the New Vr (NewVr) or Create Vr (CreVr) command should be used.
01/06/17 Fix VrOrtho Ortho/Mosaic Geo TIFF tags were modified to be in compliance with ESRI software.
01/06/17 11227 Fix VrOrtho Mosaic An offset in mosaic world files was fixed.
12/29/16 New Vr AT BunAdj Bundle adjustment optimized to use position only EOs is now supported.
12/29/16 New Vr AT AutTie Fully automatic AutTie for position only EOs is available. Use the 'AutTie' command after importing the EOs.
12/29/16 New Vr AT ImpGps Position only EO importing is now supported. To do this use 'flat file' as the EO format and set the field numbers for the angles to zero.
12/29/16 Mod Vr AT ImpGps The import GPS command can now import any supported EO format.
12/29/16 Mod Vr AT BunAdj/AutTie Bundle adjustment and auto tie commands are now available from the drop down menus.
12/29/16 11216 Mod Vr AT Two Image Measure The two image measure routine now has much better predictions for locations of unmeasured points.
12/29/16 11216 Fix Vr AT Prepare Strip Preparation of a strip for manual point measurements now correct respects image display rotations in layout.
12/29/16 Fix Vr AT ImpMea Importing measurements from IPF files now correctly saves the changes to ATM files.
12/29/16 Mod Vr AT Bundle The number of decimal places allowed for standard errors has be standardized to 6 in all windows and files.
12/29/16 Mod Vr AT Bundle When right clicking to set groups of control point standard errors in the bundle optimization GUI users can now separately set values by axis.
12/29/16 Fix Vr AT Bundle Control file edits made in the bundle final optimization GUI now save correctly.
12/12/16 New ModSet Layout Overlapped The Layout Overlapped command (LayOve) can now be run from modset.
12/09/16 Mod All All File open and save dialogs have all been stadardized to use the windows default.
11/23/16 New VrModSet Export EXIF data from images Added the ability to export EXIF data from the images in a user defined folder to an ASCII report file. Format options included a short report format used by roll, pitch, heading to omega, phi, kappa conversions or a full report format. This option is available with the ExpExi key-in or under the Misc pull-down.
11/22/16 New VrModSet JPEG to TIFF Added a batch image conversion from JPEG (.jpg) image format to TIFF (.tif) image format. This option is available with the JpgTif key-in or under the Misc pull-down.
11/18/16 Mod Vr Configuration Hilite Color The highlight color is the color an entity changes to when identified in applications such as Edit Line. This is now defined in the Vr Configuration program as a color instead of a pen number. The closest color in the active screen pen table is used. The default highlight color is white.

Version 05.07.30c 11/08/16 [Download]
11/07/16 11111 New VrTwo/VrAT/VrModSet/Vr2Ori Camera Import Added an import for an alternative Socket Set camera file format.
11/05/16 11136 Mod VrModSet Create Models There are now several model naming options.
11/05/16 11048 Fix VrOrtho Mosaic Mosaic now has a better user interface.
11/05/16 11048 Fix VrOrtho Mosaic Mosaic now supports 16-bit imagery.
11/05/16 11048 Fix VrOrtho Mosaic Mosaic now using very little memory at a time so much larger mosaics can be created.

Version 05.07.30b 10/22/16 [Download]
10/24/16 Fix VrAirTring Aerosys Point coordinates are now exports to the ref file as refined (pinhole).
10/22/16 Mod VrAirTrig Bundle Bundle adjustment is much faster now and has been tested with up to 10,000 images.
10/12/16 10860 New VrAt Imports Image point measurements can now be imported from Pix4D, Bingo, Socet Set and ISAT Photo files.
10/21/16 New VrAt Project Wizard There is now a remove photos button on each project wizard tab.
10/21/16 New VrAt Project Wizard Users can now double-click a camera name to edit the camera in the project wizard.
10/19/16 Fix VrAt AssStr The assign strip command no longer requires that images have EOs.
10/19/16 Mod VrAt ImpGps The import GPS command now ignores file paths and extensions.
10/19/16 Mod VrAt Layout Calculating ray counts for the colored display within Layout is much faster now.
10/18/16 Mod VrModSet Create Models Calculating overlaps among the images is much faster now
10/17/16 Fix VrModSet/VrAirTrig Importing EOs Fixed in error in the reporting of the number of EOs imported.
10/17/16 New VrModSet/Vr2Ori Import EO Pix4D camera files can now be imported.
10/17/16 New VrModSet/Vr2Ori Import Camera Pix4D EOs can now be imported.
10/17/16 11061 Mod Various Edit camera Camera file imports no longer resets all camera parameters.
10/06/16 Mod VrAirTrig At Layout The performance of the display of points has been improved.
10/03/16 Mod VrAirTrig All The Aerial Triangulation Measurement files (.atm), which contain the coordinates and flags of measured points for each image, are now binary files. Using this format improves speed when opening and closing large amounts of images. The conversion from ASCII formatted .atm to binary is automatic when the files are opened. A one-time, longer open time will be experienced when this conversion takes place. NOTE: The binary .atm files are not backwards compatible with previous versions of VrAirTrig.

Version 05.07.30a 10/03/16 [Download]
10/02/16 11057 Fix VrModSet EO import Fixed a bug that caused a crash when importing EOs in Vr Model Set.
10/02/16 New VrAt AutoTie Auto tie with EOs now does incremental automatic backups of point measurements.
10/02/16 New VrAt AutoTie Simplified auto tie parameters and added the ability to limit the number of CPU threads it uses.
10/02/16 11052 Fix VrAt AutoTie Made auto tie more robust to noisy EOs.
10/02/16 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Run DTM (RunDtm) Added an option in Set DTM (SetDtm) in which a report file name may be specified. After each DTM run, a list of the current DTM parameters and currently open Vr file names are written to this file. NOTE: This information is appended to the report file specified resulting in a large file over time.
10/02/16 Mod VrAirTrig Fast Tie Improvements were made to this application.
10/02/16 Fix VrModSet Model Orientation Fixed situation that could cause an intermittent crash.
09/28/16 11029 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Pack File on Close Added option to pack Vr files before they are closed. This option may be turned on/off in the Vr Configuration program under Configuration -> General -> Pack Vr files on Close.
09/26/16 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Batch Walls (BatWal) Improved method of determining if a clipped line was inside/outside the active wall polygon to avoid rare false positives.
09/21/16 11029 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Pack Vr (PacVr) and others Before a line is saved, a clean is done on the line. A check for two-point, zero length lines has been added. These illegal lines will not be saved.
09/07/16 11005 Mod VrAt/VrModSet/VrOrtho Import EOs Import now supports three PatB extension (pat, ptb, patb).
09/06/16 Fix VrAt/VrModSet/VrOrtho Edit Project Control thumb nails now display correctly for cameras defined in pixels.

Version 05.07.29z 09/05/16 [Download]
09/01/16 New VrModSet Import EOs World View stereo pair RPCs can now be imported directly into VrModset.
08/30/16 10964 New VrOne/VrTwo RunDTM fade Fade now supports current view window as an area to model.
08/30/16 10978 New Vr2Ori Measurement Import Match-At project/xpf files with pixel units can now be imported.
08/29/16 10928 Mod VrOne/VrTwo MicroStation Out (MstOut) Improved the scaling of rotated symbols when the radiaus that the symbol was place in VrOne/VrTwo is transferred to MicroStation.
08/29/16 Fix VrTwo On-The-Fly Stereo Fixed a bug that caused control drive (CD) to drive to control points in previous models.
08/29/16 10984 Fix VrTwo Brightness/Contrast Fixed an issue with brightness/contrast adjustment for on-the-fly stereo of 4 channel 8-bit images.
08/26/16 Mod VrOne/VrTwo/VrThree Inverse The inverse, or measure, tool now reports the distance on the program control ribbon.
08/26/16 Fix VrAt Auto Densify Auto densifying a whole block with EOs works now.
08/26/16 Mod VrAt Auto Densify Auto densifying a selection of images is now faster.
08/25/16 New VrAt Drive Control Drive control now supports satellite RPC images.
08/24/16 Fix VrAt/VrModSet/VrOrtho Edit Project Fixed a bug that prevented viewing of control thumbnails for satellite RPC images.
08/22/16 Mod VrAt/Vr2Ori Edit Control File Edit control file now supports up to 63-character point names.
08/17/16 10963 Fix VrOne RunDtm Fade Fixed and issue that would occasionally cause a contour to fail to draw

Version 05.07.29y 08/09/16 [Download]
08/05/16 Fix VrTwo On-The-Fly Stereo On-The-Fly stereo is faster when using brightness/contrast. This was an important improvement for 16 bit images.
07/30/16 New VrOne Drape Control (DraCon) Drapes the x,y,z points in a control file to a point cloud and creates a report that shows the elevation difference between each point. This application does not modify any data but produces a report only. Please see
Version 05.07.29x 07/01/16 [Download]
06/29/16 10862 Fix VrAirTrig Prep Strip / Measure Fixed an issue that affected the display of unmeasured points that were generated from Prep Strip in Layout. Also fixed an issue that affected the Measurement dialog that resulted in missing data from the table. This issue occurred after Prep Strip generated points.
06/29/16 10877 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Coordinate Projections Added support for seven additional geoid models. Currently, the supported geoids are GEOID12A, GEOID12B, GEOID03, GEOID06, GEOID09, GEOID96, GEOID99, USGG2003, USGG2009, USGG2012, and G99SSS. NOTE: GEOID99 supersedes GEOID96 which has not been tested. The geoid data files are from the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) and more information on geoids can be found at http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/GEOID/. The geoid data files may be downloaded from the Vr Mapping software download page.
06/17/16 10873 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Pack Vr File (PacVr) A check is now made for illegal pen codes at the beginning of the line. An illegal pen code at the beginning of a line could result in a stray line being displayed.
06/17/16 10873 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Batch Join (BatJoi) Batch Join now initializes line pen codes before saving. There were cases in which stray lines would be displayed.

Version 05.07.29w 06/03/16 [Download]
05/20/16 10833 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Change Elevation (ChaEle) Modified logic when testing lines. If one or more or points on a line are in range, then the entire line is changed.
05/19/16 Fix VrOne MicroStation In (MstIn) When importing a MicroStation cell (.cel) library to a Vr Mapping symbol (.sym) file, the resulting scale factor could be computed incorrectly. This has been fixed.
05/17/16 10804 Fix VrTwo Open ADS (OpeAds) Fixed a parameter save problem during the input or editing of parameter data using the Open ADS (OpeAds) dialog.

Version 05.07.29u 05/08/16 [Download]
05/08/16 10773 Fix VrTwo TopoMouse A probem was reported in which the TopoMouse driver often failed on startup on a newer and faster computer. Updated the low-level drivers from Silicon Labs to version (which use WinUSB). The older drivers which were version are obsolete and no longer supported by Silicon Labs. The Silicon Labs driver may be downloaded from the Cardinal Systems website at the same location for the Vr Mapping software download. Please see
Version 05.07.29t 04/10/16 [Download]
04/08/16 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Grid Line (GriLin) Added the ability to use a baseline to grid other lines. Intersection lines are projected perpendicular to the base lines at user defined intervals to intersect the lines to be gridded. After a base line has been identified, each line to be gridded is then identified. Please see
Version 05.07.29s 03/25/16 [Download]
03/24/16 New VrOrtho GUI / DTM VrOrtho has a new interface and uses a more powerful DTM engine. The new interface makes VrOrtho easier to use and the new DTM engine increases input capacity and improves processing times.
03/22/16 Mod VrAt Layout Made the overlay layout command ('LayOve', which displays images in an approximate mosaic) work better for blocks with lots of elevation change
03/18/16 10673 Fix MicroStation Out (MstOut) Cross Reference Symbols/Lines The Vr symbol and line font names column could go out of sync if there was an EMPTY symbol or EMPTY line font in the Vr symbol (.sym) file that was not at the end. This has been fixed. The symbol and line font names in the Vr Symbol and Vr Line Font combo pull-downs are now sorted.
03/15/16 Mod MicroStation Out (MstOut) Translate cell library to Vr symbol file. The translation of MicroStation cells to Vr symbols now support MicroStation text elements that are part of cell definitions. Please see Grid I] and [http://www.vrmapping.net/help5/gridout.htm Grid Out] for more information.

Version 05.07.29r 02/19/16 [Download]
02/14/16 10594 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Clean Lines (CleLin) Added option to delete non-sequential duplicate line points. This is in addition to the existing ability to delete sequential duplicate line points. Added the option the place all duplicate points or only the first duplicate line point in the drive file. Please see
Version 05.07.29p 02/08/16 [Download]
01/28/16 New VrModSet Edit Project Added the ability to edit cameras from the project edit interface. Double click on a camera name to edit.
01/26/16 10569 New VrOne/VrTwo Clean Lines (CleLin) Added this new batch application. Clean Lines searches for duplicate points on lines within user specified layers. The search parameter includes separate xy and z search tolerances. This allows the searching of points that may have the same xy coordinates but different elevations. Duplicate point actions include the ability to delete the first or last occurrence of the duplicate points or to place the duplicate point positions into a Drive File. If the points are placed in a drive file, then the duplicate points are not deleted. Please see
Version 05.07.29m 01/07/16 [Download]
01/07/16 Mod VrDSM DSM VrDSM now asks for user specified ground elevation ranges. This will avoid failures that were occurring in some models.
01/07/16 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Batch Walls (BatWal) Added minimum wall length parameter. When processing multiple wall types, multiple wall lines are processed first then polygon wall lines and finally single line walls. Improved the reporting of errors in the drive file by reducing the number of false positives. Please see
Version 05.07.29l 12/28/15 [Download]
12/18/15 New VrAt Layout Added the command Layout Overlapped (LayOve). Images with EOs are laid out in an approximate Mosaic.
12/19/15 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Line Display Fixed display problem when showing line fonts. This problem was introduced in pre-release version 05.07.29k.
12/18/15 Fix VrAt Project Wizard Corrupted image files (that can't be opened) no longer cause problems when editing a project.
12/18/15 Fix VrDSM DSM (Digital Surface Model) Fixed a bug that caused DSM to fail for some models.
12/18/15 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Layer Control (LayCon) Fixed problem that was being caused when layer names were over 32 characters. This problem was introduced in pre-release version 05.07.29k.

Version 05.07.29k 12/12/15 [Download]
12/15/15 Mod VrAT Auto Tie Semi-automatic auto tie (without) EOs is now one command
12/10/15 Fix VrAt Bundle Adjustment Fixed an error in the reporting of the pixel residuals of floated control points
12/10/15 Mod VrAt Bundle Adjustment Altered some text for clarity.
12/10/15 Fix VrAt Edit control file Control file edits were not being saved in some circumstances.
12/08/15 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Batch Walls (BatWal) Added option to drive to errors or all trimmed walls. Fixed trimming of closed multiple line walls that make up doughnuts. Added the ability to turn on/off the processing of the wall types (poly-line, single and(or) multiple line walls). Please see
Version 05.07.29j 11/22/15 [Download]
11/20/15 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Batch Walls (BatWal) Fixed possible duplicate line point problem that could cause the lines being trimmed to be placed in the wrong layers. Added support for polygon walls and single line walls. Drive File support was also added for quality control. Please see File Inde] for more information.
10/17/15 10409 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Shape In (ShpIn) Fixed problem when importing PolyLineZ shape type.
09/22/15 10216 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Trim Lines1 The Trim Lines application was redesigned in a previous release. Some users expressed an interest in keeping the functionality of the original Trim Lines application. The original application has been added as Trim Lines1. Please see Batch Wall] for more information.
07/17/15 10253 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Trim Lines Fixed problem when extending a two-point line.

Version 05.07.29 06/24/15 [Download]
06/24/15 10194 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Trim Lines (TriLin) Redesigned this interactive application. Lines to be trimmed may still be extended and the ability to trim overshoots with more variations has been added. The trimming of lines within a polygon has been removed, this will be handled in another application. Please see
Version 05.07.28 04/20/15 [Download]
04/09/15 10086 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Line Improved the display of line point markers when this option is active.
04/09/15 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Batch Trim (BatTri) Added check for source lines contained inside target lines. These source lines now have their attributes changed according to the Inside Segments Mode parameter. Batch Trim now remembers the last parameter file folder.
04/04/15 10098 Fix VrOne/VrTwo DxfIn (DxfIn) Fixed problem that could occur when reading DXF ASCII files with long record lengths.
04/03/15 10035 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Drape Polygon (DraPol) Drape Polygon now considers the Vr Point Display (PoiDis) parameters when processing VrPoints. If a VrPoint is not displayed, it will not be considered, even if it is specified.
03/31/15 10026 New VrOne/VrTwo Delete Close Lines Added this batch application. Deletes or re-layers lines that fall within a user specified distance of other lines in single or multiple VrOne files. Please see
Version 05.07.26 02/18/15 [Download]
02/17/15 New VrOri Support Files to ISAT (SupIsa) Command to create an ISAT format EO file from a list of Socket Set support files.
02/17/15 New VrAt Socket set import wizard (SsImp) Wizard creates a VrAt project from socket set files.
02/17/15 Fix VrOrtho Fixed error in application of PPOs.
02/17/15 Mod VrAt AutoTie Temporary matching files are now stored in the project directory.
02/17/15 New VrAt Drive control Control measurement and remeasurement was entirely redesigned to make it faster and allow for dozens of images observing a point.
02/17/15 New VrAt Layout Many display options added.
02/17/15 Fix VrAt Layout Users can no longer force duplicate point names in the same image.
02/17/15 New VrAt Bundle A new maximum radius parameter was added for better fisheye lens processing.
02/17/15 Mod VrAt Layout All of layout and bundle is faster now due to an internal database redesign.
02/17/15 New VrAt Add Pt New assisted patch time command in At Layout.
02/17/15 Fix VrAt Add Pt Automatic point propagation improved with and without EOs.
02/17/15 Mod VrAt ImpGps Added bore site rotation to the GPS import command.
02/17/15 Fix VrAt AutoTie Fixed a bud that made least squares matching fail in images with large PPOs.
02/17/15 Mod VrAt Bundle Bundle parameters are now recorded in the bundle high lights report.
02/17/14 Fix VrAt Bundle Fixed the report of the first iteration standard error of unit web
02/17/15 Mod VrAt AutoDie AutoTie parameters are now saved in the project directory
02/17/15 Mod VrAt Bundle Bundle parameters are now saved in the project directory
02/17/15 Mod VrTwo Model Manager (ModMan) The Model Manager may be started using a key-in with an argument. The argument may be a file name or a folder name. Please see
Version 05.07.25 12/23/14 [Download]
12/20/14 Mod VrAirTrig All Various improvements and bug fixes.

Version 05.07.24 12/11/14 [Download]
12/03/14 8557 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Survey Points Out (SurOut) Added additional option for setting the survey point's Feature Code which uses the Vr Line point's M Flag. Please see Drap] for more information.

Version 05.07.23 11/10/14 [Download]
10/20/14 New VrAt AssStr Assigning Strip/Photo numbers can now be used without EOs.
10/20/14 Fix VrAt CleAut Clean AutoTies is no longer limited to deleting 1000 inliers

Version 05.07.22 10/19/14 [Download]
10/12/14 7854 Fix VrOne/VrTwo ASCII In (AscIn) Fixed problem that occurred when reading Feature Codes in blank or comma delimited files. Improved method for reading Feature Codes. Please see Edit Verte] for more information.
10/02/14 Fix VrAt Sem Tie Semi-Automatic auto tie was only linking along strip if the images were the same size. Now they need only be close to the same size.
10/02/14 Fix VrAt Auto Tie Fixed a issue caused by corrupted photoseq numbers in VrAt project files. They were causing slow AutoTie runs and patchy results
09/25/14 Fix Vr2Ori Import Exterior Orientation - Batch Fixed crash when cancelling
09/25/14 Fix VrAt Drive Control Fixed a problem that caused drive control to fail to write to atm files
09/19/14 8357 Fix VrAt AtMeasure Fixed a problem caused by having no corner fiducials

Version 05.07.21 09/14/14 [Download]

Version 05.07.20 09/07/14 [Download]
09/04/14 New VrAt Semi-Automatic Tie Pointing (SemTie) Operation used to auto images that do not have exterior orientations but do have strip and photo numbers.
09/04/14 New VrAt Least Squares Match (LsMat) Does a least squares matching, optional thinning, and point measurement extension. Point measurement extension requires exterior orientations to be loaded (see ImpGps).
09/04/14 New VrAt Import GPS (ImpGPS) Imports 6 parameter exterior orientations for images in a project.
09/04/14 New VrAt Free net adjustment (FreNet) Optimizes camera exterior orientations, and tie point coordinates in a relative space. No control or imported exterior orientation data is used in the adjustment. Camera initial values are built using very robust RANSAC methods
09/04/14 New VrAt Fast Auto Tie (FasTie) Does the same work as AutTie, but much faster.
09/04/14 New VrAt Delete Auto Ties (DleAut) Deletes all Auto Ties.
09/04/14 New VrAt Clean Auto Ties (CleAut) Deletes all Auto Tie blunders and points with 2D residuals (sqrt(xResidual^2 + yResidual^2)) above a user specified threshold.
09/04/14 New VrAt Bundle Interactive GUI(BunInt) Opens the interactive bundle adjustment GUI. It allows the user to control how the bundle is built and is very helpful for diagnosing issues with control.
09/04/14 New VrAt Bundle Adjust (BunAdj) Optimizes camera exterior orientations, control and tie point coordinates. Uses imported camera exterior orientations as initial values for the optimization. Bundles first using M-Estimators (for robustness), and then standard least squares.
09/04/14 New VrAt Brute Force AutoTie (BruTie) Auto tie for when images have no EO?s or strip and photo number. Can be very slow for large blocks of images.
09/04/14 New VrAt Backup Bundle Reports (BacBun) Backup Bundle: Backs up all bundle reports.
09/04/14 New VrAt Backup ATM File (BacAtm) ATM files contain fiducial space measurement of all the image points in a block. It is a good idea to back them up before using some commands (e. g. clean auto ties (CleAut)). This command makes the backup very easy to do.
09/04/14 New VrAt Auto Tie (AutTie) Automatically generates tie points for all images in a project. Exterior orientations must have been imported (see ImpGps) previously, and strip/photo numbers established (see LayEO).
09/04/14 New VrAt Auto Denisfy Tie Points (AutDen) DensifyDensifies measurements among images that already have some ties. If exterior orientations have been imported in will attempt to use least squares matching to extend measurements into all images.
09/04/14 New VrAt AT Reports (AtRep) Opens a windows style navigation window that shows the bundle reports in the project directory
09/04/14 New VrAt Assign Strip and Photo (AssStr) Assigns strip numbers, photo numbers, and layout positions with help from a user input file.

Version 05.07.19 08/31/14 [Download]
08/29/14 Fix VrOne/VrTwo MST In (Mstin) Corrected rotation problems that could occur when mirrored cells were translated to Vr symbols. Mirrored symbols are represented with a negative radius. Symbols are now un-mirrored when translating to maintain the correct orientation.

Version 05.07.18 08/06/14 [Download]
08/05/14 8234 Fix VrOne/VrTwo DXF Out (DxfOut) Symbols with a non 1.0 scale factor were not being scaled correctly when translated. This has been fixed.
08/05/14 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Explode Symbol (ExpSym) Symbols with a non 1.0 scale factor were not being scaled correctly when exploded. This has been fixed.

Version 05.07.17 08/04/14 [Download]
08/04/14 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Drive KML (DriKml or DriveGoo) Added optional, user defined shift and scale factors to local coordinates before converting them to KML (WGS84) coordinates. Please see
Version 05.07.16 07/31/14 [Download]
07/31/14 New VrTwo Index ORP (IndOrp) Allows an x,y,z offset to be applied to a VrTwo Orientation Parameter (.orp) file. Please see Batch Flo] for more information.
07/26/14 Fix VrTwo Orientation Import Interior Orientations Batch Fixed possible angle rounding error when importing interior orientations.

Version 05.07.15 07/15/14 [Download]
06/05/14 8020 Fix VrTwo TopoMouse USB If the same button was pressed twice without a movement in the xy or (and) z axis, it was possible the second press was not accepted. This has been fixed.

Version 05.07.14 05/29/14 [Download]
05/22/14 7978 Fix VrTwo Orientation Batch Import from Measurements Fixed problem that could cause the first point on a photograph to be not stored when reading measurements from an ORIMA input file. This problem did not occur when importing a single model using measurements.

Version 05.07.13 05/11/14 [Download]
05/11/14 Fix VrOne/VrTwo VrLiDAR Points In (PoiIn) Fixed the computation of the approximate number of records in the input file for the progress bar. Fixed delta Z in translation report.
05/09/14 7906 Fix VrAirTrig Drive Control Fixed problem that was causing Drive Control to not find the point when driving to control points. This error occurred when the adjustment software was set to AeroSys.
05/08/14 Fix VrTwo Drape (Dra) Fixed dialog box key-in problem when Drape was being run from VrTwo in roaming mode.
05/08/14 7919 Fix VrTwo Delete Duplicates (DelDup) Fixed dialog box key-in problem when Delete Duplicates was being run from VrTwo in roaming mode.
05/08/14 7918 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Grid Line (GriLin) Fixed problem that caused duplicate lines when running Grid Line on a layer or layers.

Version 05.07.12 05/05/14 [Download]
04/28/14 7715 Fix VrOne/VrTwo VrLiDAR Drape To Points (DraPoi) Fixed problem that could cause unpredictable results when running Drape To Points multiple times in the same session.
04/27/14 7788 Fix VrOne/VrTwo VrLiDAR 3D ViewPoint Fixed problem that could cause the cursor to jump when roaming is active, and the Z is exaggerated and the drape mode is turned off using the Del Key.

Version 05.07.11 04/14/14 [Download]
04/10/14 7776 Fix VrOne/VrTwo VrLiDAR Key Point (KeyPoi) Fixed problem that could occur when running in threaded mode.
04/05/14 7545 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Grid Line (GriLine) Added the option to place symbols instead of line points at the line grid locations. Please see Grid Lin] for more information.
03/31/14 Fix VrOne Sheet Layout Fixed cursor movement after line was identified.
03/14/14 7666 New VrOne/VrTwo VrLiDAR Catenary to POA Added this batch application. Extends or hacks existing catenary (power line) lines to existing POA (Point of Attachment) symbols. The POA coordinate positions become the first and last coordinate position for each catenary line. Please see
Version 05.07.08 03/04/14 [Download]
03/04/14 7666 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Move Lines To Symbols (LinSym) Fixed line save problem.
03/04/14 7646 Mod VrOne/VrTwo VrLiDAR Point Display (PO or PoiDis) Z Slice - Remove the Range Z variable which defined the delta Z above and below the base Z. Added the Minimum Delta Z and the Maximum Delta Z which allow separate elevations above and below the base Z to be defined. The Minimum Delta Z is typically negative number, and the Maximum Delta Z is typically a positive number. Please see Classify 3] for more information.
02/27/14 7509 Fix VrOne/VrTwo VrLiDAR Drape Polygon (DraPol) Fixed problem that could occur using certain Drape Actions and identifying an existing polygon. In some situations, the DTM engine was run multiple times.

Version 05.07.07 02/09/14 [Download]
02/05/14 Mod VrOne/VrTwo 3D ViewPoint Help Ctrl+H displays the '3D ViewPoint Display Controls' help in the browser.
02/05/14 Mod VrOne/VrTwo 3D ViewPoint Display Controls Add the additional display controls to 3D ViewPoint. Reset Top (Shift+Home) - Resets the view position to top view at the current scale and at the current cursor location. Reset Top X Axis (Ctrl+Home) - Resets the view position to top view at the current scale holding the current rotation about the Z axis. Added additional rotation increment to the up arrow, down arrow, page up and page down keys. Holding the Ctrl key will increment the rotation by 45 degrees. Please see Window Clip Vie] for more information.
01/28/14 7524 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Delete Outside Boundary (DelOut) Fixed problem that could occur after the parameter file was loaded manually.
01/26/14 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Insert Catenary (InsCat) The extend/hack line and join lines edit options now require the target lines to be identified. The previous version tried to identify the target line(s) and the extend/hack and join points from a single xyz position. This did not give enough control when the catenary lines were close together.
01/24/14 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Classify 3D Fixed problem that could cause a crash if 'Replot graphics after change' was turned on and one or more point display filters were turned on in the Point Display (PO) display parameters. Please see Move Lines To Symbol] for more information.
01/15/14 New VrOne/VrTwo Survey Points Out (SurOut) Added this translator. Translates VrOne lines and symbols into Survey Points Format. The Survey Points Format consists of lines and points in comma delimited ASCII file. turned on and one or more point display filters were turned on in the Point Display (PO) display parameters. Please see Delete Close Point] for more information.

Version 05.07.05 12/20/13 [Download]
12/18/13 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Delete Close Point (DelClo) Added 2D or 3D searching as a Delete Close parameter. In previous releases, this was determined by the global search dimension. Added Line End Cap option when searching for symbols, text or VrPoints against lines. The End Cap option determines if points past the ends of the line will be used. Please see
Version 05.07.04 12/09/13 [Download]
12/08/12 Mod 7313 VrLiDAR Drape Polygon Symbols and punts that fall within the user defined polygon and are above the z tolerance will now be deleted. In previous versions all symbols and punts that fell within the polygon were deleted. Please see
Version 05.07.03 12/06/13 [Download]
12/05/13 New VrAirTrig VrAutoTie Automatic Tie Point - Added this optional package to Vr Aerial Triangulation. Automatic generation of tie points in blocks of imagery. Feature based matching is used for initial point locations, and optionally refined with least squares matching. A six tiered automatic blunder control approach makes false ties unusual. User parameters are minimal and intuitive, and among other things allow the exclusion of tie points in trees to be avoided. This model vastly reduces the man hours required to triangulate a block of imagery. Please see Vr Aerial Triangulatio] for more information. NOTE: This software is currently in beta release.
12/05/13 Mod VrAirTrig VrLayout Semi-automatic multi-point measurement - VR aerial triangulation is now able to automatically propagate new image points into multiple images from the image layout. The user observes the point in one image and thumb nails of the point measured in each overlapping image are opened up in individual interactive measure windows for quality control. Please see Vr Aerial Triangulatio] for more information. NOTE: This software is currently in beta release.
12/04/13 New VrLiDAR Insert Catenary Added this application. Semi-automatic delineation of power lines and other isolated linear features given a single user specified start point. The line terminates at peaks or obstructions (insulators, poles, etc.) in an attempt to isolate wire attach points at the end points of the catenaries. The algorithm is reasonably robust to sparse data. Quality control tools allow fast viewing and editing of line terminations. Insert Catenary is designed to work with LiDAR and point cloud data. Please see Insert Paint Lin] for more information.
12/04/13 New VrLiDAR Insert Edge Added this application. Semi-automatic tracing of lines along edges in LiDAR data. The user roughly identifies two points along the edge and the algorithm traces it in both directions until termination/failure. The result can be interactively navigated for quality control and possible editing. Insert Edge is designed to work with LiDAR and point cloud data. Please see
Version 05.07.01 09/24/13 [Download]
09/23/13 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Run DTM Fade (RunDtm Fade) Added checking and the reporting of contour elevations that are unable to be created.

Version 05.07.00 09/24/13 [Download]
09/23/13 Fix VrAirTrig Measure / Re-measure Fixed off-by-one error in Measure and Re-Measure.
09/01/13 Mod VrAirTrig Display Performance Improved the performance of several GUI functions including display of images and points in Layout, Measure and Re-measure.
08/08/13 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Pack VrOne file(s) (PacVr) When packing VrPoints (LiDAR), the GPS time is now being copied.
08/08/13 Mod VrOne/VrTwo List Points (LisPoi) Added reporting of the GPS time range of points in VrOne file(s).
08/05/13 6852 Fix VrAirTrig Set Photo Positions Fixed problem caused by long file names.

Version 05.06.14 07/24/13 [Download]
07/22/13 6794 Fix VrOne Start-up with 3D ViewPoint window Fixed problem that could occur if VrOne was started with 3D ViewPoint configured as the first window to be opened without a VrLiDAR license. An error message is displayed and a 2D window is opened instead in this situation.
07/05/13 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Insert Road (InsRoa) Improved method for the mitering of the offset line corners to better fit when the base line has sharp angles.
07/03/13 6791 Fix Vr Configuration VrOne VrTwo Start Windows (StaWin) Fixed the Help button

Version 05.06.11 06/27/13 [Download]
06/26/13 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Insert Multiple Parallel Lines (InsMul) Fixed parameter out of range problem that could be caused if a field was blank during Enter Parameters. The default value is now used in these cases.
06/26/13 New VrOne/VrTwo Count Points (CouPoi) Added this interactive application. Counts the number of VrPoints (LiDAR) in a user defined area, at a user defined location. Please see Drape To Point] for more information.
06/21/13 Mod VrOne/VrTwo High/Low point search The mean elevation is now returned instead of the elevation of the point that is closest to the mean elevation. The mean elevation is an average of the minimum and maximum elevations of the points in the buffer. There may not be a point at the mean elevation. Please see
Version 05.06.10 05/30/13 [Download]
05/20/13 New VrTwo Roaming On (RoaOn) / Roaming Off (RoaOff) Added two VrTwo key-ins, Roaming On (RoaOn) and Roaming Off (RoaOff) that switch between roaming and static stereo display modes in VrTwo. These key-ins compliment the existing Toggle Roaming (TogRoa) key-in.
05/15/13 6671 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Open File Added check for the correct VrOne file version number when files are opened.
05/10/13 6661 Mod Vr Air Trig PATB export Added option to output the photo and point names as numeric values (create number) or as alpha-numeric values (create name). If the alpha-numeric option is chosen, the photo names and point names that exist in VrAt are placed in the PATB file unmodified.
05/07/12 New VrOne/VrTwo Insert Road (InsRoa) Added this interactive application. Inserts up to 9 parallel or offset lines from a digitized base line. The offset lines are displayed real-time as a base line is digitized. The distance from the base line to the offset line(s) may be determined by a digitized point for by a user defined xy offset. The elevation (Z) offset from each digitized point along the base line to the point on the offset line may be determined by a digitized point or by a user defined Z offset. Please see Point Displa] (PoiDis) filter parameters are used.
04/23/13 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Drape Polygon (DraPol) Added the ability to drape or delete symbols against a user defined polygon or boundary. Draping functionality now includes the ability to drape VrPoints, Classify VrPoints, Delete VrPoints, Drape Symbols or Delete Symbols against a user defined boundary. Please see Drap] and [http://www.vrmapping.net/help5/high_low_point_search.htm High/Low Point Search] for more information.
04/17/13 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Batch Filter (BatFil) Fixed problem when application was abandoned with the Cancel button.
04/14/13 6097 Fix VrOne/VrTwo License Request Fixed problem when requesting a license from the server.
04/02/13 Fix VrLiDAR Point Display - Intensity Histogram Fixed possible crash that could occur if an intensity histogram was requested and there was no intensity values in the data.
04/02/13 6547 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Interactive Applications If a Menu Key button was pressed as the first action when an interactive application was started it was possible to that the screen was driven to 0,0,0. This has been fixed.

Version 05.06.09 03/19/13 [Download]
03/19/13 Fix VrOne Startup Depending on the windows open during the last run of the previous version, the initial startup of VrOne in this version could crash. This has been fixed.

Version 05.06.08 03/16/13 [Download]
03/15/13 Mod 3D ViewPoint (3DSC) / 2.5D ViewPoint (3DC) Track Ground Plane Allows the cursor tracking of the ground plane in 3D ViewPoint and 2.5D ViewPoint when cursor draping is turned off. This is useful when collecting features such as hydro-graphic lines, stream lines, fences, poles and trees when there is vegetation present. It is also useful when collecting features in areas of sparse LiDAR data giving the operator better control of the cursor. Additional functionality such as High/Low Point searching and Z Exaggeration and roaming assist when in this tracking mode. Controls for the tracking planes: DEL key - Toggle cursor draping on/off. Ctrl + V - Toggle between view plane tracking and ground plane tracking when Cursor Draping is off. Wheel - Z motion when cursor draping is off. Ctrl + Shift + Wheel - Fast Z motion when Cursor Draping is off. Please see Vr Configuratio] for more information.
01/08/13 Fix VrOne/VrTwo LAS Out Fixed point data format initialization that could result in no output if not set in Edit Header. Fixed possible crash on LAS Out exit after editing the header information.

Version 05.06.06 12/11/12 [Download]
12/11/12 Mod VrOne Classify Points (ClaPoi) / Bare Earth (BarEar) Added option in the parameter definition dialog box that allows user named, predefined sets of parameters to be added or delete. This allows the setting of eight parameters to terrain types such as urban, suburban, forest or hilly for example. Please see
Version 05.06.05 11/28/12 [Download]
11/26/12 Mod VrAirTrig Layout - Parameters Expanded the point display parameters. Additional parameters include the ability to turn on/off point markers and (or) point labels, the ability to define the size and type and color of the point markers. The color of the point marker is defined by the number of rays that pass through the point. The point marker display parameters may be set in the main menu under Params.
11/22/12 5972 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Batch Trim (BatTri) Fixed recent release problem that was causing the trimming behind text not to work.

Version 05.06.04 11/16/12 [Download]
11/15/12 5914 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Cut Polygon (CutPol) Fixed problem that could occur when processing VrPoints when layer(s) were turned off.
11/14/12 5914 Fix VrOne/VrTwo List Layers (LisLay) Modified to obtain VrPoint layer numbers from each point instead of the point header. Added the display of the number of deleted VrPoints in the file(s).
11/13/12 5935 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Insert Line Text (InsLte) Fixed text box boundary computation problem introduced in previous release.
11/09/12 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Delete Points In Polygons (DelPoi) Fixed problem with processing VrPoints (LiDAR).

Version 05.06.03 10/28/12 [Download]
10/24/12 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Delete Layers Cleaned up the processing of VrPoints when deleting, copying or moving layers using Delete Layers (DelLay).
10/24/12 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Pack Workspace VrPoints that are flagged as deleted (layer number < 0) or VrPoints with their delete flag set will be removed.
10/24/12 5889 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Point Fixed the display of the layer number in Change Keyboard (b7).

Version 05.06.02 10/24/12 [Download]
10/24/12 Fix VrTwo Orientation Relative Orientation Parameters (RelPar) Fixed problem in updating non-default parameters and refined the Blunder Limit parameter to represent a percent value (11 = 11%).

Version 05.06.01 10/22/12 [Download]
10/22/12 5871 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Toolbars Added check for duplicate tool bar names when reading the parameter file. Added check for toolbars outside active screens.
10/19/12 Fix VrTwo Orientation Import orientations Fixed problem that was caused by using a period (.) in the project folder name.
10/19/12 Fix VrTwo Orientation Import orientations Fixed problem that could occur when displaying a large orientation (measurements or EO) file.

Version 05.06.00 10/16/12 [Download]
10/16/12 Various Fix VrTwo Orientation Model orientation The math and methodology for handling image rotation has been improved. The left and right images that make up a stereo model may be in one of several supported rotation configurations. Images may be rotated 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees which represent strip locations of left, top, right and bottom. Images may be in normal, or pseudo overlap configurations and the stereo direction between image overlaps may in the X and (or) Y direction. Please see
Version 05.05.23 09/10/12 [Download]
09/08/12 5658 5734 Fix VrTwo Immersion 3D Mouse Driver Fixed problem in which the x, y and z user defined scale factors were not being set and remained at a value of 1.0. The DevImm command is used to set these values.

Version 05.05.22 08/29/12 [Download]
08/28/12 New VrOne Classify Points / Bare Earth Added the beta version of this batch application. Classifies VrPoints (LiDAR) from aerial sources into bare earth (ground) and non-ground classifications. Please see Layer Contro] for more information about this application.
08/01/12 5680 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Bump Elevation Fixed problem in which VrPoints were not being processed.
08/01/12 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Insert Line Added the ability to use High/Low VrPoint (LiDAR) drape when using the Maximum Segment Length option. Please see
Version 05.05.17 07/29/12 [Download]
07/29/12 Mod VrOne 3D ViewPoint (3DSC) Roaming Roaming is paused if the shift, control or alt key are down. These keys are normally used for view control such as rotating, scaling or shifting.
07/29/12 New VrOne/VrTwo Insert Symbol / Insert Line Added support for High/Low VrPoint (LiDAR) searching. High/Low point searching is an addition to various insert applications such as Insert Line (InsLin) and Insert Symbol (InsSym) that selects the highest, lowest or mean elevation point from a group of VrPoints within a user defined radius of the point digitized. The points considered for selection are VrPoints (LiDAR) only. Options include the ability to use the elevation and (or) the XY position of the found point and copy these coordinates as the current digitized position. High/Low Point Search may be turned on or off at any time. Please see
Version 05.05.16 06/17/12 [Download]
06/15/12 5542 Fix VrOrtho Create Orthos Fixed problem with VrPoints not being used when Dtm Extents is set to Ortho Area Only.
06/14/12 4064 Mod Dxf Out Dxf Out Added support for the ParFil= and Run key-ins allowing the application to be started and run from a macro.

Version 05.05.15 06/07/12 [Download]
06/06/12 Fix VrOne Python Fixed problem with Python when Python 2.7.3 was not installed on the computer. VrOne/VrTwo does not require the installation of Python on the computer in order to run Python scripts.

Version 05.05.14 06/02/12 [Download]
06/01/12 Mod VrOne Python We have updated our embedded Python from version 2.5 to 2.7.3. This is the latest stable version available for download from http://www.python.org. If you currently have Python installed on your system, you should upgrade to version 2.7.3. Please see the Python web site for information about what has changed since version 2.5. This version of python allows the 64-bit version to be installed on the same machine as the 32-bit version. If you would like to run the 64-bit version of Python along with the 32-bit version, you will need to install the 64-bit version to a different folder (i.e. Python27_64). VrOne 64-bit will automatically use the 64-bit Python path. NOTE: It is not required to have Python installed to use Python scripts in VrOne/VrTwo. This is only required if you need to use non-built-in Python modules.
05/24/12 5147 Mod VrOne Python Prompt Box class Added ability to launch modeless prompt box that responds to button presses. See example code in \vr\python\testpb.py.
05/22/12 5147 Fix VrOne Segment Lines (SegLin) Fixed problem with losing Z value on lines.
05/21/12 5298 Fix VrOne Dxf In (DxfIn), Dxf Out (DxfOut) Fixed problem where key-in commands would affect these apps even they were not active.
05/21/12 5213 Fix VrOne Cut Window (CutWin) Fixed problem where moving or throwing away entities from non-active workspaces that are in read-only mode would not delete the entities.
05/18/12 5370 Fix VrOrtho Create Ortho Fixed problem with orthos getting created as grayscale when generated from color .jp2 files.
05/18/12 Mod VrOne Insert Cross Section (InsCro) Put in checks for deleted lines or packing files so rescanning and saving cross section lines does not overwrite incorrect lines.
05/18/12 5344 Fix VrOne Image Display Fixed problem with brightness and contrast controls on 16-bit images.
05/18/12 5302 Fix VrOne Image Display Fixed problem with displaying internal pyramids generated from a scanner.
05/16/12 Fix VrOne Fixed -a command-line option for running the auto start macro.
05/16/12 New VrOne Insert Cross Section (InsCro) Added ability to run multiple passes and selectively save the results.
05/16/12 Fix VrOne Insert Cross Section (InsCro) Fixed problem with using dot cursor.
05/08/12 5433 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Insert Line Text (InsLte) Added the ability to rotate the text labels perpendicular to the digitized line when using the Dig Line mode. This parameter is set in Enter Parameters or with the RotPer key-in.
05/03/12 Fix Image Utility Auto inner orientation Fixed problem with reading images with data strip other than left.
04/27/12 Fix Python PyImgMgr Fixed call to ImgOpen to accept correct number of arguments.
04/23/12 New Misc Stereo display Added support for pixel smoothing in static stereo window and stereo measurement windows.
04/23/12 New VrOne Projections Added schpgn (South Carolina) HPGN shift file.
04/23/12 New VrOne 3DSC/3DC Window Added Control-Home shortcut to re-center display at cursor location.
03/31/12 New VrOne Insert Cross Section (InsCro) Added many new options in settings. Added ability to display VrPoints.
03/14/12 New VrOne/VrTwo Keypoint A LiDAR point thinning method that generates keypoints by identifying existing VrPoints (LiDAR) as keypoints. Part of the VrLiDAR package. See Insert Lin] for more information.
12/01/11 PP1038 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Point Display (PO) Added VrPoint (LiDAR) display filters for sensor number, flight/strip number, GPS time, scan angle and key-point. There are now eight point display filters plus Z clipping and near and far clipping (3D ViewPoint) for VrPoint (LiDAR) data.
11/30/11 PP1036 Mod Vr Database All Added Sensor Number as a VrLiDAR point attribute. This attribute identifies the sensor number for systems that collect LiDAR points simultaneously from more that one sensor. The range is 0-8.

Version 05.05.05 12/15/11 [Download]
12/15/11 5139 Fix VrOne/VrOrtho Misc Fixed problem with retrieving elevation values from a DTM surface. This problems could affect contouring, depression flagging, ortho generation and other routines that relied on interpolated elevation values from a DTM surface.

Version 05.05.04 12/05/11 [Download]
12/02/11 Mod VrOrtho Fixed intermittent problems with Ortho Area editor. This could cause areas not to display correctly and digitizing areas to not work.
11/23/11 Mod VrOne Snap Added display of entity details when snapping to a VrPoint (LiDAR).
11/23/11 Mod VrOne Dxfin In (DxfIn) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/21/11 Fix VrOne/VrTwo VrPoints (LiDAR) Fixed the display of VrPoints (LiDAR) when intensity is active and new intensity values are entered from the keyboard or from a macro.
11/21/11 5075 Fix VrOne Plot Fixed image colors when plotting to PDF.
11/17/11 Fix VrOrtho Import Batch Measurements Fixed problem that could cause import to hang if two points in the measurement file had the same coordinate location.
11/15/11 Mod VrOne Delete Duplicates (DelDup) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/15/11 Mod VrOne Drape (Drape) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/15/11 Mod VrOne Set Elevation (SetEle) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/15/11 Mod VrOne Search Elevations (SeaEle) Added support for individual VrPoint (LiDAR) layers.
11/14/11 Mod VrOne Round Elevations (RouEle) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/14/11 Mod VrOne Delete Points Inside Polygon (DelPoi) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/14/11 Mod VrOne Delete Outside Bundary (DelOut) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/14/11 Mod VrOne Fast Delete (FasDel) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/10/11 Mod VrOne Zoom Visible (ZooV) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/10/11 Fix VrOne Cut Window (CutWin) Fixed problem with leaving off some VrPoints (LiDAR) when moving to a new file.
11/06/11 Mod VrOne Layer Control (LayCon) Fixed display of VrPoint (LiDAR) counts.
11/03/11 Mod VrOne Delete Window (DelWin) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/03/11 Mod VrOne Move Window (MovWin) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/03/11 Mod VrOne Copy Window (CopWin) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/03/11 Mod VrOne Copy Polygon (CopPol) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/03/11 Mod VrOne Move Polygon (MovPol) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/02/11 Mod VrOne Change Layer (ChaLay) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/02/11 Mod VrOne Edit Point (EdiPoi) Displays VrPoint (LiDAR) in tentative mode while editing.
11/02/11 Fix VrOne Edit Point (EdiPoi) If a copy was done, one extra copy would be saved upon exiting the application.
11/02/11 Fix VrOne Layer Control (LayCon) Fixed display of VrPoint (LiDAR) counts.
11/01/11 Mod VrOne Bump Elevation (BumEle) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/01/11 Mod VrOne Ascii Out (AscOut) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/01/11 Mod VrOne Ascii In (AscIn) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).

Version 05.05.02 10/26/11 [Download]
10/26/11 4904 Fix VrOne Toggle Grid (TogGri) Grid now displays immediately when turned on.
10/26/11 4908 Fix VrOne Fixed display of image ratios in the graphics window title.
10/19/11 4506 Fix VrTwo Drive Grid (DriGri) Fixed shift problem when using a serial TopoMouse in stereo static mode with Window Shift (TogWin) turned on.
10/18/11 4871 Fix VrOne Image Merge (ImaMer) / Cut Image (CutIma) Fixed problem with merging grayscale Jpeg images with a MINISWHITE color space.
09/30/11 Fix VrOne Plot Fixed problem with plotting images when plot window was rotated. Note that plotting multiple images with a rotated plot window may cause problems when printing directly to a system printer. In this case, plotting to a PDF file is the recommended solution.
09/30/11 Fix Image Utility Image Conversion Fixed conversion of color to greyscale images.
10/06/11 PP2023 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Data Base Added the ability for saved entities to identify the Function Key what was used when the entity was created. This new feature will be used in future software.
10/06/11 PP2023 Mod VrOne/VrTwo CAiCE Translators Modifications and additions have been made to the CAiCE translators. Additions include the addition of the ability to import CAiCE Profile Tables to create skeletal Vr Mapping Function Keys and the addition of the CAiCE in translator. The translator parameters are based on the Florida Department of Transportation specifications. This translator is currently in beta form in release 05.05.01. See Edit Poin] for more information
09/27/11 Mod VrAirTrig AtMeasure Changed to a proportionally spaced font in the At Measure dialog box. The scale is now remembered in the measurement windows. The cursor is now tracked in all four windows with the active window cursor shown as a cross and non-active windows shown as a square. Added Correlate to Center with button 0 which uses the center of the measurement windows for the correlation patches. This is useful in situation when correlation is difficult using the current cursor location.
09/27/11 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Shape In (ShpIn) Updated cross reference layers dialog.
09/27/11 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Shape Out (ShpOut) Updated cross reference layers dialog.
09/27/11 Mod VrOrtho/VrTwo Import Interior Orientation Support for different strip locations when importing interior orientation from ISAT photo files.
09/21/11 Fix VrOrtho Import Interior Orientation Fixed problem with not updating all parameters after import.
09/20/11 Mod VrTwo Orientation/VrOrtho/Image Utility Interior Orientation Added display of photo coordinates for current cursor location.
09/20/11 Fix VrOrtho Import Interior Orientation Fixed status update after importing batch Interior Orientations.
09/20/11 Fix VrOrtho Import Interior Orientation Fixed parsing of image names when importing batch Interior Orientations.
09/19/11 3615 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Plot (Plo) Added plot file browse button.
09/14/11 New VrOne/VrTwo Batch Smooth (BatSmo) Added new help page in the documentation.
09/14/11 2903 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Batch Smooth (BatSmo) Fixed problem with interpolated Z values sometimes spiking when interpolating between points that were very close together.
09/13/11 2579 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Shape In (ShpIn) Fixed problem with reading in Integer based database fields into string based Vr attributes.
09/12/11 4566 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Cut Sheet (CutShe) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
09/09/11 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Line (EdiLin) Fixed display of point markers on the first and last points.
09/09/11 3030 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Symbol (EdiSym) Fixed problem with duplicate symbols when changing a symbol and then copying it.
09/08/11 2686 Fix Image Utility Convert Exterior Orientation File Fixed problem where strip number location was not being asked for when reading photo files.
09/08/11 2482 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Insert Line (InsLin) Fixed problems with Azimuth and Bearing entry.
09/06/11 4503 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Shape Out (ShpOut) Fixed problem with writing attribute data when using the 64-bit version.
09/02/11 Fix VrTwo Orientation Fixed crash in 3D Relative viewer when trying to view 16-bit RGB images.
08/31/11 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Python Fixed display of tentative entity display when using PyWsMgr.IdEnt
08/31/11 1385 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Insert Fly Line (InsFly) When abandoning attach mode, now goes back to streaming menu.
08/31/11 Mod VrTwo Orientation Absolute Orientation Added display of crosshair cursor over measured point locations. Cursor now drives to measured location when moving between control points.
08/31/11 1291 Fix VrOne Graphics window brightness and contrast settings are now applied immediately when new images are opened.
08/31/11 947 Fix VrOne Node Lines (NodLin) Fixed problem where extra segments are created when a line is extended to create a node point.
08/30/11 3189 Mod VrTwo When opening a model with non-tiled images without pyramids in roaming mode, the images will be tiled before pyramids are built.
08/30/11 4707 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Dxf Out (DxfOut) Fixed problem with importing 3D closed polylines if the last point was equal to the first point in 2D space.
08/25/11 Mod VrOne/VrTwo VrLiDAR The VrLiDAR Vr Point structure has been modified. - The VrLayer number is not defined in the LAS specification but is now supported by the Vr Point entity. - The Flight Number is not defined by the LAS specification but is supported by the Vr Point entity. - The LAS attribute User Data is not supported by the Vr Point entity. - The LAS attributes GPS Time is supported by the Vr Point entity. - The LAS Intensity range of 0-65535 is supported starting at Vr version 05.05.00. Earlier version supported a range of 0-32767. - LAS specifies 0-32737 as the range of the red, green and blue color channels. Vr Point specifies 0-255. - See VrPoint (LiDAR) Entit] for more information.
08/25/11 Mod VrTwo VrTwo Orientation VrAirTrig VrOrtho Photo Rotation The application of photo rotations has been improved when using cameras such as DiMAC, UltraCam and Rollei. Version 5.5 allows for one camera calibration file to be established for photo strip to the left (0 rotation) and the application adjusts for other camera rotations. As in previous versions, the photo rotation is established in Vr Image Utility or Edit Project in VrTwo Orientation, VrAirTrig or VrOrtho by specifying the Strip Location for each photo.
08/25/11 Mod VrOne 3D ViewPoint Roaming Modified to improve roaming. When roaming is turned on (Insert key) in 3D ViewPoint, the floating mark remains in the center of the view and the LiDAR points roam in real-time. The roaming is supported at any 3D viewing angle and scale. Please note that the smoothness of roaming is dependent on the graphics card and the amount of LiDAR data being displayed.
08/25/11 New VrOne/VrTwo Tile Points Tiles VrPoints (LiDAR) from multiple VrOne files and creates new VrOne files.
08/25/11 Mod VrOne/VrMosaic Fixed display of grayscale images when using transparent black and/or white pixels.
08/22/11 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Icon in toolbars are now sized according to the selected bitmap. A maximum of 64x64 icon size is allowed, and larger bitmaps will be scaled down.
08/22/11 Mod VrOne/VrTwo RunDtm Added cancel button next to progress bar.
08/17/11 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Polygon Elevation (PolEle) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR) and added batch processing of multiple baseline polygons based on Layer.
08/16/11 New VrLiDAR Classify 3d (Cla3d) This routine replaces Classify Cube (ClaCub) and now allows classification by cube or polygon.
07/29/11 New VrMosaic Added option to attach and run along an existing line when inserting seam lines in polygon mode.
07/23/11 New Model Manager (ModMan) Added new Model Manager application for displaying model footprints. This allows quick switching between models and the ability for automatic model loading when the cursor approaches the edge of a model.
07/22/11 New VrOrtho Added cancel button next to progress bar during ortho creation.
07/19/10 Mod VrLiDAR 3D ViewPoint Added support for line widths, cursor settings, and text fonts.
07/19/11 4633 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Set DTM (SetDtm) Fixed problem with save confirmation prompt displaying twice when using the Enter key to close the dialog.
07/12/11 4638 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Drape (Dra) Fixed problem with using PARFIL and RUN when running Drape from macros.
07/12/11 New VrOne/VrTwo Global Change (Glob) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
07/06/11 Fix VrTwo Orientation Fixed problem with images not updating in relative orientation stereo window.
07/05/11 Fix Image Utility Fixed problem with .vim files writing to program start folder after editing project settings.
07/05/11 Fix Image Utility Fixed fonts used in Inner Orientation.
07/05/11 Fix VrTwo Orientation Fixed problem with loading .vim files from the image folder even if set to load from the project folder.
07/05/11 Fix VrTwo Orientation Fixed problem with Orientation pull down menu not reflecting Interior Orientation after doing a batch import

Version 05.03.10 06/09/11 [Download]
06/09/11 4567 Fix VrOne/VrTwo SetDtm Fixed problem with loading input layers that contained multiple layer fields.
06/06/11 Mod Point Display (PO) VrLiDAR Added check, uncheck all in Point Display Filter - Classification. Added color blend and color random in Point Color Parameters - Classification. Cleaned up the conditioning of the replot flag. Added Help button.
06/01/11 Mod Close VrOne Files, Close Images Multiple Made the list boxes containing the file names larger

Version 05.03.09 05/31/11 [Download]
05/31/11 Fix Various Fixed problem with submitting license requests.

Version 05.03.08 05/31/11 [Download]
05/27/11 Mod VrTwo Orientation Model Orientation Improved method of implementing radial distortions which improves model orientations when using non-metric cameras with high radial distortions.
05/14/11 4234 Fix VrOne XY Digitizer Input Fixed timer problem that could cause the program to appear to hang when certain window operations, such as resize, were done. This was occuring while using certain XY digitizers that used the serial (RS-232) interface.
04/28/11 Fix VrTwo Orientation Fixed possible problem with loading PATB exterior files.
04/22/11 New VrTwo Static and roaming modes Added driver for the Leica TopoMouse on USB. For more information see the Hardware section of the help pages.
04/22/11 Mod VrTwo Static and roaming modes Modified the ZI Mouse driver to stand alone and support the joystick or USB interfaces. Using the USB interface supports the mouse force sticks. For more information see the Hardware section of the help pages.
03/24/11 Mod VrOne Register Image (RegIma) This command is no longer available.
03/24/11 Mod VrOne Window Scale (WinSca) Added optional second parameter to specify target window number (1-8).
03/16/11 Fix VrOne Microstation In (MstIn) Fixed crash that could happen if importing line style definitions with names longer than 31 characters.
02/04/11 New VrOne VrTwo Close Window (CloWin) Added this command which closes the last opened graphics window if there is more than one window open.

Version 05.03.03 02/04/10 [Download]
01/29/11 Fix VrOne VrTwo ShapeIn ShapeOut Fixed a problem where the graphics window could lose keyboard focus after editing parameters using two or more dialog boxes.
01/29/11 4238 4239 Fix VrOne VrTwo Insert Line Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when snapping to a symbol.
01/28/11 Fix VrOne VrTwo Volumes Fixed a problem where output surface triangles layers were reversed.

Version 05.03.02 01/20/10 [Download]
01/04/11 4102 4171 Fix VrOne DxfIn DxfOut Load Surface Fixed problem that occurred when a modal dialog box was displayed while the active digitizer was an Xy digitizer such as the Puma+.
12/28/10 Mod VrOne VrTwo Point Display The graphics were not being updated automatically when the checkboxes in this dialog were modified. This has been fixed.

Version 05.03.01 12/27/10 [Download]
12/21/10 4169 Mod VrOne Edit Image Move option uses current cursor location as base point. Added option to select new base point manually.

Version 05.03.00 12/17/10 [Download]
12/17/10 4153 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem with stereo image displaying in secondary windows.
12/17/10 4153 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem with Main Window growing to a large size when switching between static and roaming modes in some toolbar configurations.
12/17/10 Fix VrOne Fixed problem with building pyramids on TIFF images containing an odd strip size.
12/13/10 New 3D ViewPoint Near/Far Clip Added the ability to set near and far viewing clipping planes. See Point Set ] for more information.
12/02/10 Fix VrMosaic Edit Project Added new command to edit project files without starting the Ortho Mosaic application.
11/29/10 4114 Fix VrTwo Window Align Fixed problem with this command not working when using DLT models.
11/29/10 4116 Fix VrOrtho Fixed crash when creating orthos from jpg input images.
11/24/10 4110 Fix VrOne Shape Out Fixed problem with not handling Non-Graphic pointers larger than 32,767.
11/23/10 4104 Fix VrOne Fixed problem with identifying depression contours on the edge of the DTM area.
11/18/10 Fix VrOne Fixed sorting by file size in file open dialog.
11/18/10 Fix VrOne Fixed problems with creating and working with .vr files over 2GB in size.

Version 05.02.20 11/13/10 [Download]
11/10/10 Fix VrOne Fixed several problems with graphics not updating.
11/10/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Global Change Fixed problem with losing Y scale factor on symbols.
11/10/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Microstation In Fixed problem with losing negative scale factor when using a symbol radius other than -1.
11/04/10 Fix VrOne Grid On Fixed problem with grid not displaying until cursor is moved
11/04/10 4066 Fix VrTwo Insert Multiple Parallel Lines Fixed problem with losing keyboard focus.
11/04/10 4064 Mod VrOne Dxf In Added support for RUN and PARFIL= key-ins.
11/04/10 4064 Mod VrOne Dxf Out Added support for RUN and PARFIL= key-ins.
11/03/10 Mod VrTwo Fixed problem with occasional hang when using Toggle Roam command.

Version 05.02.18 11/02/10 [Download]
11/02/10 Mod VrOne Delete Close Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
11/01/10 4048 Fix VrOne Edit Macro Fixed problem with updating macros when macro list contains nonstandard characters. This could result in missing or duplicate macros.
11/01/10 4047 Fix VrOne Dxf Out Fixed problem with translating Bulge style lines.
11/01/10 Mod VrOne Manage DTM Added option to load and save all parameters to user defined parameter files.
10/29/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Ascii In Added symbol increment option to allow skipping of symbols.
10/29/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Las In Added point increment option to allow skipping of VrPoints (LiDAR).
10/28/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Grid Line/Insert Line Keeps arc flags when inserting extra points onto arc segments.

Version 05.02.17 10/27/10 [Download]
10/26/10 Fix VrOne Python Fixed Gui.SaveFileNameDialog from losing keyboard focus.
10/26/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem when using Snap Next feature where cursor could go to 0,0,0 if all entities in the snap vicinity were cycled through.
10/26/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem when inserting a line and using the Snap Next option where the previous point on the line would be deleted.
10/26/10 4029 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Grid Line (GriLin) Added Duplicate Point Distance. New points that are within this distance of an existing line point will be considered duplicate and will not be placed on the line.
10/21/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Shift Workspace (ShiWs) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR)
10/20/10 Mod VrTwo Pixel Smooth The exisitng command Zoom Filter (ZooFil) is used to smooth pixels when zoomed below 1:1 in VrTwo. The Pixel Smooth (PixSmo) command is a synonym for Zoom Filter and has the same functionality.
10/20/10 4020 Fix VrTwo Create DLT Fixed problem when creating an .orp file from SOCET SET parameter files for LiDARgrammetry images

Version 05.02.14 10/18/10 [Download]
10/18/10 Mod VrMosaic Added options for maximum output image width and height. This is useful when an exact sheet size is required, but due to pixel overlap the image would normally be cut one pixel too large.
10/18/10 4005 Fix VrOne Edit Point Was not driving instrument to point.
10/15/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Change Units Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR)
10/15/10 Fix VrOne Fixed half pixel offset problem when displaying images with only GeoTIFF tags.
10/15/10 Fix VrOne/VrMosaic/VrOrtho Cut Sheet Fixed problem with image location when writing GeoTIFF tags.

Version 05.02.13 10/14/10 [Download]
10/14/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Python Fixed problem with display of line widths.
10/14/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Python Added option to stack VrOne commands on top of a running Python app.
10/14/10 3998 Fix VrOne/VrTwo RunDtm Fixed problem with duplicate contours when using User Defined Areas.
10/13/10 Fix VrMosaic Removed warning about VrBalance license if balance option is turned off.

Version 05.02.12 10/12/10 [Download]
10/12/10 3995 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Dxf In Fixed problem where keyboard commands in the graphics windows would stop working after selecting files to import.

Version 05.02.11 10/10/10 [Download]
10/10/10 Fix VrOne Cut Sheets Fixed problem with pixels not filling the cut sheets in some cases.

Version 05.02.10 10/09/10 [Download]
10/09/10 Mod VrOne Cut Sheets Added options for maximum output image width and height. This is useful when an exact sheet size is required, but due to pixel overlap the image would normally be cut one pixel too large.
10/09/10 Fix VrOne Cut Sheets Fixed problem with outputting sheets that did not contain sheet name labels.

Version 05.02.09 10/08/10 [Download]
10/08/10 Fix VrOne Cut Sheets Fixed problem with Tiff World file output origins, and with pixel alignments on image borders that fall on pixel edges.
10/08/10 3985 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Ascii In Fixed problem with text entities being skipped if there were extra spaces following the text label and the text label was the last item on the line.
10/07/10 3980 Mod VrOne Batch Grid Added option to place VrPoints (LiDAR).
10/07/10 3963 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem when processing macros that could cause the cursor to freeze and the macro to stop executing.
10/05/10 3988 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Line Fixed dragging of line during a copy operation.
10/02/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Insert Fly Line Fixed problem cursor not driving to end of line when splicing.
10/01/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Added entity highlighting when snapping to entities.
10/01/10 Mod Install Added an option to prevent the shortcut folder from installing on the Desktop.
09/30/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Added option to skip to next closest entity with snapping.
09/30/10 Fix VrTwo Fix problem with cursor artifacts after some editing operations.

Version 05.02.08 09/29/10 [Download]
09/29/10 3975 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Insert Line Fixed problem where arcs with a left deflection would not compute.
09/29/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed problems with occasional crashing or wrong images displayed when switching models.
09/29/10 3971 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Modified Open Vr and Open Image dialogs to display up to 10 previous folders in the previous folder drop down box.

Version 05.02.07 09/28/10 [Download]
09/27/10 3969 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Delete Layers Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
09/23/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem where VrTwo could crash when entering static or roaming modes using the Immersion mouse.
09/23/10 3958 Fix Kdm To Vr Fixed problem in Kdm to Vr translator that could cause a crash. Treats lines that start with ! as comments.
09/22/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Layer Control Layer counts are updated after a file pack.
09/21/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Insert Line Fixed program freeze when attempting to place an arc with three points on a line.
09/20/10 3905 Fix VrOne Fixed problem with the Main Window resizing when tool bars are docked to it.
09/20/10 3778 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Line Fixed cursor movement in Insert Point->Point On Line feature.

Version 05.02.06 09/16/10 [Download]
09/16/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo PyPunt Python Class Added SetFormat, GetFormat, AddPuntRgb, AddPuntNoDupRgb, InsPuntRgb, GetPuntRgb, and ChgPuntRgb to support new RGB point format.
09/16/10 Fix Various Fixed problem where cm2vr,vr2cm,kdm2vr, and vr2kdm would not start.
09/15/10 Fix VrLiDAR 3D ViewPoint Fixed problem that could cause the RGB values not be be transferred during a pack file.
09/15/10 3931 Fix VrTwo Orientation Absolute Orientation Fixed problem when starting Absolute Orientation in static mode.

Version 05.02.05 09/13/10 [Download]
09/13/10 3905 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem with Main Window expanding in height when using vertically oriented floating toolbars.
09/13/10 3923 Fix VrOne Workspace Control/WIndow Control Fixed problem with losing keyboard controls in graphics window one while these applications were running.
09/13/10 3924 Fix VrOne Various Fixed problems with multiple applications where missing a lock-on would cause the cursor to freeze.
09/13/10 Mod VrLiDAR 3D ViewPoint Adjusted the view plane Z motion sensitivity when the cursor is not being draped. A view plane Z motion scale factor may be set in the Device Mouse (DevMou) command using the Thumbwheel Scale Factor.
09/13/10 Mod VrLiDAR 3D ViewPoint Reversed the motion of the zoom. Rolling the mouse wheel forward zooms in and rolling it back zooms out. The zoom motion is now scaled to be more sensitive as the eye point approaches a surface or object. Moving to the negative side of the data, which is illegal, is now blocked.
09/12/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo LAS In/LAS Out Added the ability to import and export RGB color values. Please see Points I] and [http://www.vrmapping.net/help5/pointsout.htm Points Out] for more information.
09/10/10 3920 Mod Various Modified most batch commands to keep cursor moving in graphics window.
09/09/10 3885 Fix VrOrtho Fixed problems with dialog boxes displaying under main window.
09/08/10 Fix VrLite Fixed problems with saving and editing popup menus.

Version 05.02.04 09/07/10 [Download]
09/07/10 Mod VrTwo Cursor Tracking When the cursor tracking was set to Ground, movement in the xy direction tracked the ground but movement in the Z motion tracked the view plane. This has been corrected.
09/07/10 3908 Fix VrOne Fixed problem with END command not working in macros at startup.
09/07/10 3919 Fix VrOne Microstation Out Fixed problem with translating text that was not cross referenced.
09/07/10 3916 Fix VrOne Plot Control Fixed problem with losing keyboard control after running Plot Control.
09/03/10 3867 Fix VrOne Edit Elevation Fixed use of scroll wheel to change elevations in VrOne.
09/03/10 3908 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Set Dtm/Load Dtm Fixed problem where VrPoints (LiDAR) layers were not being restored when loading a .dtm file.
09/02/10 3905 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Toolbars Fixed problem where Edit toolbars dialog box would open off screen if the Main Window is positioned at the bottom of the display.
09/01/10 3784 Fix VrTwo Orientation Fixed brightness and contrast controls in Absolute Orientation.
09/01/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem with building internal pyramids.

Version 05.02.03 08/30/10 [Download]
08/30/10 3803 Fix VrTwo Orientation Import Orientation Batch Fixed crash when importing .iop files.
08/27/10 Fix VrOne Clear Polygons Fixed problem with outside lines not identified and with undo not working with all lines.
08/27/10 Fix VrOne Fixed problem with extra characters added to text when tabbing through prompts in dialog boxes.
08/27/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed problems with image smearing at the edge of models.

Version 05.02.02 08/26/10 [Download]
08/26/10 3850 Fix Image Utility Fixed problem where Create Pyramids would skip the image open in the image viewer.
08/26/10 3848 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem with creating internal pyramids.
08/25/10 3876 Fix VrTwo Insert Fly Line Fixed various display problem when inserting fly lines.
08/25/10 3851 Fix VrMosaic Fixed problem with selecting images in polygon mode and fixed initial display of image when collecting polygon-based seam lines.
08/24/10 3869 Fix VrTwo Immersion Mouse Fixed a timeout problem that could occur when switching from static to roaming mode that caused the mouse to hang. Fixed a timing issue that could cause an intermittent hang especially at lower baud rates.
08/24/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Snap Added snapping to VrPoints (LiDAR) when snapping is turned on (Button 0). Conditioning the snap parameters may be set using the Snap Set (SnaSet) command.
08/24/10 Fix VrMosaic Fixed various display problems when using dynamic editing.
08/24/10 Fix VrMosaic Fixed possible crash when slecting seam line segments to move during dynamic editing.
08/24/10 Fix VrMosaic Fixed problem with cursors not displaying in layout window.
08/24/10 Fix VrMosaic Fixed problem with layout window not working when images had GeoTIFF information embedded.

Version 05.02.01 08/23/10 [Download]
08/23/10 3776 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Text Fixed problem with cursor not displaying when digitizing a two point rotation.
08/23/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem with graphics windows not always restoring to last position and size.
08/23/10 3853 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem that could cause a crash at start up.
08/20/10 3789 Fix VrTwo Stealth Z-Mouse Fixed problem that would not allow the Clutch button to be assigned to mouse button 10.
08/19/10 3654 Fix VrAirTrig Measure Fixed problem that could cause auto advance to skip a point when returning from stereo measurement.
08/19/10 3532 Mod VrAirTrig Layout - Adjust Parameters If a file name is entered without a file extension, the proper default extension (.cor, .orn) will be added.

Version 05.02.00 08/18/10 [Download]
08/18/10 3858 3859 Fix VrTwo Orientation/VrAirTrig/VrImageUtility Edit Project Fixed the conversion of the Photo Name Format from Vr Mapping version 4 to version 5.
08/18/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo PyImgMgr Python Class Fixed return values from GetWorld to reflect values from tfw files.
08/17/10 Mod VrTwo Orientation Absolute orientation is always controlled by the system mouse.
08/17/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Undo Fixed problem that could leave extra lines in the file when undo is used after batch routine.
08/17/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Set DTM Fixed problem where VrOne/VrTwo would crash if the Enter key was used to exit the Set DTM dialog.
08/15/10 3782 New VrOne/VrTwo Sort Vr Files (SorVr) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR) to this application.
08/12/10 Mod VrTwo VrTwo Reimplemented the Immersion/Stealth E-Mouse driver. This reimplementation should make the driver more stable and makes this 3D mouse compatible with Windows 7. VrTwo 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.
08/11/10 3837 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem with cursor mask display below 1:1 zoom level.
08/11/10 3818 Fix VrOne Save Window (SavWin) Fixed to work on VrOne graphics windows again.
08/11/10 Fix VrTwo Orientation Absolute Orientation Fixed graphic display problems with using static mode for absolute orientation.
08/11/10 3775 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Python Plot Fixed problem with temporary graphics not displaying until cursor is moved. Calling PyGrMgr.Flush will cause graphics to display immediately.
08/11/10 Fix VrTwo Set DTM Fixed problem during roaming where identifying user defined DTM extents was not possible.
08/11/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem with temporary graphics not always displaying during roaming.
08/10/10 3826 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Line Cross (LinCro) Fixed problem with identifying overlapping lines.
08/10/10 3826 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Run DTM (RunDtm) Fixed possible crash when running multiple times using a user-defined area with a depression contour graphic pointer set.
08/10/10 3805 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Insert Parallel Lines (InsPar) Fixed problem with cursor freezing if no lines are selected.
07/30/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed display problems under Windows XP when using a FX 1400 graphics card.
07/29/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Insert Fly Line (InsFly) Fixed problem with line segments not displaying during manual point collection.
07/29/10 VrOne/VrTwo Python VrPomBox Fixed problems with graphics window losing keyboard focus after using VrPromBox.
07/28/10 Mod VrOne VrPoints (LiDAR) are now displayed at different sizes based on the PointScale setting.
07/28/10 Fix Python PyVrPunt Fixed GetIntMinMax.
07/28/10 Fix Python PyVrPunt Fixed problem with point attributes not updating to match point attribute dictionaries.

Version 05.01.02 07/27/10 [Download]
07/27/10 3761 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem with gaps displayed every 1000 points on long lines.
07/27/10 3763 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed plot window to display bounding box while selecting a new lower left corner.
07/27/10 3754 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problems with Python scripts not running under 64-bit.
07/26/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed possible crash when starting VrTwo and when toggling between roaming and static modes.
07/22/10 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Edit Project (EdiPro) Added combo box for State Plane zone selection.

Version 05.01.01 07/21/10 [Download]
07/21/10 3748 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed location of cursor to start at the beginning of the edit text on some dialogs.
07/21/10 3749 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Dxf Out Fixed crash that could occur when translating lines.

Version 05.01.00 07/20/10 [Download]

Version 05.00.24 07/16/10 [Download]
07/16/10 Fix VrTwo Orientation Relative Orientation Fixed crash when starting relative orientation.
07/16/10 Fix VrOne Insert Line Text Fixed problem with keyboard losing focus after using batch option.

Version 05.00.23 07/14/10 [Download]
07/14/10 Fix VrAt Change Drive Fixed possible project corruption problem if routine was cancelled during the change drive operation.
07/12/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed possible crash at VrTwo start up.
07/08/10 Fix Image Clean Fixed crash when outputting images using clean areas.
07/07/10 Fix Python PyVrGui Fixed display of cursor when using GetCoord.
07/01/10 Fix Vr Configuration Fixed problem with Browser path not saving.
07/01/10 Fix VrOne Zoom Center Fixed to work with multiple windows.
06/30/10 Mod VrTwo Orientation Relative Orientation Display main window and progress bar when resampling epipolar images.
06/30/10 Fix VrTwo Orientation Inner Orientation Fixed default zoom scale when measuring fiducials
06/29/10 Fix Various Fixed problem with extra cursor at display startup in some graphics windows.
06/29/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed initial display problem when opening without any files.
06/27/10 Fix VrAirTrig Layout - Drive Control Fixed another situation that could cause a strip/photo parse error.
06/25/10 Fix VrOne Batch Grid Fixed problem with applying batch grid to currently open file.
06/25/10 Mod VrOne Batch Grid Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR) in DTM layers.
06/25/10 Mod VrOne Batch Grid Is now allowed to run without any files open.
06/25/10 Mod VrOrtho Sets resample pixel size to same as first image in project.
06/24/10 Mod VrOrtho Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR) in DTM layers.
06/25/10 Fix VrTwo Orientation Absolute Orientation Fixed display of point labels.

Version 05.00.22 06/21/10 [Download]
06/16/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed crash at startup when using Handwheels with window shift on.
06/14/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed static stereo display for ADS40 models.
06/14/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed search for support files in ADS40 model settings.
06/14/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Dxf Out Ignores deleted entities when searching for empty symbols.
06/14/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Dxf In Fixed problem with change button not working in layer xref.
06/11/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Asc In Added default layer for VrPoints (LiDAR).
06/11/10 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Pack Vr Fixed problem with VrPoints (LiDAR) getting assigned to wrong layers.
06/10/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed keyboard focus problem with roaming and 2d windows.
06/10/10 Mod VrOne Cut Window Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
06/09/10 New VrOne/VrTwo Added support for Vr Controller.
06/02/10 Fix VrTwo Fixed 2D window shifting.
06/02/10 Mod VrOne Increased edge detect margin to make shifting more reliable.
06/02/10 Fix VrOne Batch Grid Fixed problem with missing grid points in some cases.
06/02/10 Fix VrOne Strike and Dip/Bump Elevation/Search Elevation Fixed problem with key-in commands reporting as unknown.
06/01/10 Fix VrTwo Orientation Import Exterior Orientation Batch Fixed crash problem that could occur when reading the strip and photo numbers.
05/27/10 Fix VrOne Fixed display of TIFF images with rotated world files.
05/25/10 Fix VrOne Fix speed problems with 2D window open in roaming mode. Affected Fast Delete and others.
05/24/10 Fix VrOne Batch Attach Added options to use line area to determine attach direction.
05/20/10 Fix VrTwo Added LINSMO command for toggling line smoothing in VrTwo.
05/18/10 Fix VrOne Image Control Fixed display of images.
05/18/10 Fix VrOne Layer Control Fixed points column display when counts are off.
05/18/10 Fix VrOne Global Change Fixed search for pen code when alt pen table is in use.
05/03/10 Fix VrAirTrig AtLayout - Drive Control - Added the un-application of the principal point offset when driving to a control point.
04/20/10 Fix VrTwo Orientation Import Exterior Orientations Removed the application of the principal point offset in import as it is being applied in the model epipolar generation.
04/18/10 Mod VrAirTrig Export Measurements The application of radial distortions and PPA to the output measurements is now an option. In previous versions it was always applied.
03/24/10 3534 Fix VrAt Measure, ReMeasure Fixed problem that was causing a crash after measuring and (or) remeasuring points are a period of time.

Version 05.00.13 03/18/10 [Download]
03/16/10 Fix VrOne Edit Macro Macro name field is limited to 63 characters.
03/16/10 Fix VrOne Change Units Fixed problem where deleted entities were not ignored.
03/15/10 Fix VrOne Cut Sheet Fixed problem with image type setting not being saved to parameter file.
03/14/10 Fix VrOne Set User Defined DTM area The Set User Defined DTM area command was not working.
03/10/10 Fix Image Utility Fixed possible crash when using other options after deleting photos from project.
03/09/10 Fix VrTwo Orientation Fixed problem with not recognizing coordinate values until parameters were saved.
03/08/10 Fix VrTwo Orientation Convert coordinate files Fixed problem with reading formats that don't begin with NAME.
03/07/10 Mod VrTwo Added display of a red box around cursor location when auto correlate is on.
03/07/10 Mod VrTwo Added auto correlate red X indicator to dot cursor.
03/05/10 Mod VrTwo Removed Alt key as a way to toggle auto correlate. Shift->Home is now the only key combination for toggling auto correlate.
03/05/10 New Image Utility Added option to set corner inner orientations.
03/04/10 Fix VrOne Fixed Display Image (DISIMA) command to work correctly.
02/10/10 Mod VrOne Edit Line Added option to select a new base point when moving or copying a line.
02/09/10 Fix VrTwo Does not allow stereo window to rotate with standard models.
01/25/10 Mod VrOrtho Added option to specify output image compression rate.
01/24/10 New VrMosaic Added option to output tiled images.
01/24/10 Fix VrOne/VrOrtho/VrMosaic Fixed problem with handling 12-bit per sample images, and added ability to write out 12-bit per sample images.
01/24/10 New VrOne/VrMosaic List Images Added new command List Images (LISIMA) that print out a detailed information about all open images.
02/02/10 3465 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Line Cross (LinCro) Added options to check for overlapping lines and three-point lines that are closed. Overlapping lines share one or more common line segments which may or may not be noded. Three point line closures have a common first and third point. These three-point lines appear as straight lines when displayed in graphics. Please see the
Version 04.01.12 11/10/09 [Download]
11/10/09 Mod VrMosaic Added new option to support project limits lines. You may define a layer that contains one or more project limits lines. If this is specified, image data will only be written to the inside of the project limits lines.

Version 04.01.12 11/10/09 [Download]
11/09/09 Fix Image Utility Convert Image Fixed problem that could cause a crash when converting to Jpeg images.

Version 04.01.12 11/02/09 [Download]
11/01/09 Mod VrTwo Orientation Added the searching of the .xpf file, if it exists, for measurements in MATCH-AT import.
10/30/09 Mod VrOne Python Fixed VrWsMgr::FindClosestEnt to work with -1 as the Window search parameter

Version 04.01.11 10/26/09 [Download]
10/26/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Line If the Z Mode for Snapping was set to Snap this parameter was reset to Hold when the application was started. This has been fixed.
10/26/09 3305 Fix VrOne/Image Utility/VrTwo Orientation Image processing Fixed support for processing Mr. Sid images in epipolar resampling, image conversion, and image merge.

Version 04.01.10 10/15/09 [Download]
10/15/09 Fix VrOne Fixed general slow down in graphics operations.
10/15/09 Fix VrTwo Removed debug output when using a 3D input device.

Version 04.01.09 10/14/09 [Download]
10/14/09 Fix VrOne General Fixed possible crash with various applications when batch processing symbols or text within polygon areas.
10/14/09 3289 Fix VrOne Microstation Out (MstOut) Fixed problem with only the Z cell scale factor getting set in some cases.
10/14/09 New VrOrtho General Added option to import batch measurement orientations.
10/14/09 3288 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Edit Line Added the reporting of the mean elevation of a line under (6) Line Functions -> (8) Length Area Z. This is available after identifying an existing line.
10/13/09 Fix VrOne General Does not snap to entities in workspaces that are turned off.
10/13/09 Mod VrTwo General Added support for a Joystick as a second input device when using an input device other that the system mouse such as the Stealth Z mouse.
10/09/09 3276 Fix General Image Support Fixed problem that was causing a crash when building pyramid images for Mr. SID and JPEG2000 images.

Version 04.01.08 10/08/09 [Download]
10/08/09 Fix VrTwo Orientation General Fixed problem that prevented program from starting.
10/08/09 3268 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Microstation Out Fixed problem with cross referencing of text entities.
10/08/09 3268 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Microstation Out Fixed problem with converting old parameter files.

Version 04.01.07 10/06/09 [Download]
10/06/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Roaming Fixed intermittent problems with tiles displaying as black or other solid colors when roaming below 1:1.
10/04/09 3234 Fix VrOne Ascin In (ASCIN) Fixed problem where feature codes were required on all input lines when importing lines with feature codes.
10/04/09 Fix Image Utility Rotate Images Fixed problem with converting to RGB. This would result in the image losing color information.
10/01/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo 3D Viewers Fixed display of axis icon to stay in one location as the window size is adjusted.

Version 04.01.05 09/24/09 [Download]
09/16/09 Mod VrOne Shape Out (ShpOut) When using one file per layer, the layer number is used if a layer name has not been set.
09/16/09 3229 Fix VrOne Shape Out (ShpOut) Fixed possible crash when translating one file per layer
09/14/09 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Contours (SetDtm,RunDtm) Added option to search for Vr Point entities in addition to symbols and lines.
09/10/09 Mod VrTwo Image Levels (ImaLev) Fixed preview window when used in VrTwo.
09/10/09 Mod VrTwo Roaming Added option in image settings to load all vectors when roaming. If this is on, then all vectors will be loaded into memory. If your vector data is not too large, this can help improve roaming speed across the full model.
09/04/09 Mod VrTwo Roaming Improved roaming performance when loading multiple vector models.
09/02/09 Mod VrOne Batch Trim (BatTri) Added display of entity counts and run time.
09/02/09 Mod VrOne Batch Depression (BatDep) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
09/01/09 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Shape In (ShpIn) Added ability to set elevation from an attribute value.
08/31/09 Mod VrOne Layer Control (LayCon) Added support for VrPoints (LiDAR).
08/28/09 3185 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Drive Files Fixed problem with crashing when trying to drive to a point in an empty drive file.
08/27/09 3183 Fix VrOne/VrTwo EdiLin Fixed problem with z only holding on first point locked onto.

Version 04.01.04 08/27/09 [Download]
08/26/09 3175 Fix Image Utility Rotate Images Fixed crash when rotating images.

Version 04.01.03 08/22/09 [Download]
08/21/09 Fix VrTwo Fixed general problems with slowdowns in roaming mode. This was especially evident when running contours or other batch operations.
08/20/09 3144 Fix Image Utility Automatic Inner Fixed problem with correlation values not computing correctly. This resulted in having to set the Minimum allowed correlation value to a lower-than-normal value to get valid matches.
08/20/09 Fix VrTwo Fix cursor movement at low zoom levels when using 3D input devices.
08/13/09 Fix VrTwo DraPol Was not displaying line when locked onto.
08/13/09 Fix VrTwo CutPol Was not displaying line when locked onto.
08/07/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo BatTri Fixed problem where some inside segments would not be changed or deleted when using inside mode.
08/07/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo EdiLin Fixed problem with default Z mode setting.
08/07/09 3142 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem with crashing when VrTwo startup mode is set to roaming,
08/06/09 3062 Fix VrOne/VrTwo RunDtm Fixed problem in window or polygon mode where break lines passing fully through the dtm area may be ignored.
08/04/09 3120 Fix VrOne/VrTwo DxfOut Fixed problem where decimal place setting was ignored when writing block attributes.

Version 04.01.02 08/03/09 [Download]
08/03/09 3137 Fix VrOne/VrTwo/VrMosaic/VrLite Fixed problem with units not being set correctly after packing a VrOne file.

Version 04.01.01 07/28/09 [Download]
07/28/09 Fix VrTwo Brightness/Contrast Fixed problem that could occur when setting brightness or contrast at sub-pixel zoom levels.
07/28/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo EDITOO Fixed crash at application start up.
07/27/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo COODIA Fixed coordinate display to update during fast cursor movement.
07/26/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo DTM Fixed problem with possible crash when handling crossing break lines.

Version 04.00.35 07/22/09 [Download]
07/19/09 Mod VrTwo Fixed coordinate display to update during fast cursor movement.
07/15/09 Mod VrOne Microstation In, Microstation Out Added support for round-trip translating of Microstation weights to VrOne Text line widths and Microstation line styles to VrOne Text line fonts. Text line widths are displayed in VrOne if configured accordingly. Text line fonts are not displayed.
07/09/09 Mod VrOne Microstation In, Microstation Out Supports width and height settings on text.

Version 04.00.34 07/02/09 [Download]
07/01/09 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem that could cause crashing in stereo roaming mode.
06/28/09 Mod VrOne SETDTM, RUNDTM Added option to write crossing break line locations to a drive file.

Version 04.00.33 06/25/09 [Download]
06/25/09 Fix VrTwo Stereo graphics windows now save parameters such as Z rotation in separate files. The stereo roaming graphics window will remember Z rotation now.
06/25/09 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem with cursor movement direction using a 3D mouse input device with a rotated window in roaming mode.

Version 04.00.32 06/24/09 [Download]
06/24/09 New VrTwo Preliminary rotation support in roaming mode. This is only for stereo models where the epipolar lines are not aligned to the screen. Some display problems at the edges of the screen are expected. Use WINROT or ROTZ commands to set Z rotation of roaming window.

Version 04.00.31 06/23/09 [Download]
06/23/09 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem with applying Geoid shift on datums other than state plane.
06/07/09 Fix VrTwo Roaming/Static Fixed slow symbol drag problem when using the NVIDIA FX 3700/4600 graphics cards. Also fixed slow startup in static mode using the same cards.

Version 04.00.30 05/28/09 [Download]

Version 04.00.29 05/26/09 [Download]
05/16/09 Mod VrTwo Fixed problem that could cause text entities to display large random line spikes during roaming.
05/07/09 Fix VrOne Insert Line Fixed explode font option.

Version 04.00.28 05/06/09 [Download]
05/06/09 Fix VrOne Cut Sheet Fixed problem that could cause crash when writing images.
05/06/09 Fix VrMosaic Fixed problem with bad pixel values along seam lines when generating color infrared images.

Version 04.00.27 04/20/09 [Download]
04/22/09 Mod Microstation MSTIN MDL Version 1.44 - Added entity count reporting. Counts are written to a file with the same name as the import file with an .mstinlog extension.
04/22/09 Mod Microstation MSTOUT MDL Version 1.44 - Added entity count reporting. Counts are written to a file with the same name as the export file with an .mstoutlog extension.
04/22/09 Mod VrOne Microstation Out Added additional reporting of entity counts during translation.
04/22/09 Mod VrOne Microstation In Added additional reporting of entity counts during translation.
04/21/09 2964 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Shape In Fixed problem where reading multi-part lines would read the line in with out of range coordinate values. This would cause Vr to crash when using Zoom All.

Version 04.00.26 04/20/09 [Download]
04/19/09 Fix Misc Fixed install problem that would cause the Vr application to not execute on some machines.
04/17/09 Mod Misc Changed default decimal places to 8 in most parameter dialogs.
04/16/09 Fix Image Utility Fixed problem with writing min and max sample values to 8-bit images when converting from 16-bit images.
04/16/09 Fix Image Utility Fixed problem with min and max sample not being set to same as input image when rotating large 16-bit images 90 or 270 degrees.
04/16/09 Fix Image Utility Fixed problem with rotating large 16-bit images 90 or 270 degrees.
04/16/09 Fix Image Utility Fixed problem with image output data when rotating large 8-bit images 90 or 270 degrees.
04/15/09 Fix Image Utility Fixed slow speed when rotating TIFF/JPEG compressed images 180 degrees.
04/15/09 Fix Image Utility Fixed possible crash when rotating images with widths that are not a multiple of 4.
04/12/09 2889 Mod Correlate Area Increased layer fields to 512 characters.
04/11/09 2882 Mod Misc Added option to load and save parameters in Transform Workspace.
04/10/09 2870 Mod Misc Moved zoom option to button 9 on the snap menu keys dialog.
04/06/09 Fix VrOne MstIn Fixed problem where invalid arcs could cause program to hang.

Version 04.00.25 03/22/09 [Download]
03/22/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem with tiling old grayscale epipolar images when opening a model in VrTwo.

Version 04.00.25 03/22/09 [Download]
03/22/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem with tiling old grayscale epipolar images when opening a model in VrTwo.

Version 04.00.24 03/18/09 [Download]
03/18/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Line Fixed problem with delete point removing two vertices.

Version 04.00.22 03/06/08 [Download]
03/06/09 Fix VrMosaic Fixed problem with automatic seam line generation applying wrong direction to lines

Version 04.00.21 02/19/09 [Download]
03/04/09 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Fixed problem with large memory allocation when opening a large number of images. This could cause Vr mapping products to crash when only a two or three hundred images open.
02/26/09 2853 Fix VrOne/VrTwo Edit Symbol Fixed problem that could occur when abandoning the copying of a symbol.
02/25/09 Mod VrTwo Fixed multiple replots when starting up with an ADS40 model.
02/25/09 Mod Image Utility Convert Images Added support for 4 channel 32-bit to 3 channel 24-bit.
02/25/09 Mod VrTwo Added support for alternate pen tables in roaming mode. Use the home key to reload colors if the active workspace is changed.
02/23/09 Mod Python PyVrWsMgr Added Sort method. Sorts workspaces by layer and X or Y.

Version 04.00.19 02/19/09 [Download]
02/18/09 Fix VrTwo Orientation/VrOrtho Fixed problem when importing Bingo .dat files with camera names instead of numbers
02/17/09 Mod VrOrtho Added option to force 8-bit output
02/16/09 Mod VrTwo Orientation Added option to force 8-bit output during epipolar resampling
02/15/09 New VrOne/VrTwo Batch Common Added this new batch application which processes common and orphaned node points between lines. Please see
Version 04.00.15 01/15/09 [Download]
12/28/08 Fix VrOne Fixed support for 16-bit color images.
12/18/08 Fix VrOne Fixed support for GeoTIFF transformations.
12/17/08 Mod VrOne MstIn Added Font Xref table.
12/17/08 Mod VrOne MstOut Font Xref table supports custom fonts.
12/16/08 New VrOne Edit Fonts New application to edit custom font properties. If you have created any custom fonts using the CreFon command, this allows you to edit the font names and space character widths.
12/16/08 Mod VrOne Create Font Added space character width option. Allows you to specify how wide the space character should be in ground units at a text height of 1.0.
12/12/08 New VrTwo Export DEM New command that exports DEM files in DTED format. Other formats will be added in future versions.
12/02/08 New VrTwo Z/I Mouse - Added the support for this 3D input device. As of the initial release of this driver, the fast motion (forcesticks) are not yet supported. Please see
Version 04.00.06 09/04/08 [Download]
08/25/08 2413 Fix VrOne Microstation Out Fixed problem where some lines could be output as complex chains when they should be line strings.

Version 04.00.04 08/13/08 [Download]
08/12/08 2403 Mod VrOne Shape Out Added option to output a separate shape file for each layer.
08/12/08 2414 Fix VrOne Ascii In Fixed problem with input filenames getting truncated.
08/11/08 Mod VrOne Dxf In Error file in now placed in the same folder as the parameter file unless a full patch is specified in the error file name.
08/10/08 Fix VrTwo Fixed problem with buffers not always updating is roaming mode.
08/07/08 2401 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Removed limit on width of main window.
08/07/08 2403 Fix VrOne Shape Out Fixed problem with Text Points option not writing out any entries.
07/29/08 Fix VrTwo Orientation Import Exterior Uses correct tile size when creating epipolar images.
07/26/08 2370 Fix VrTwo Zoom All Fixed zoom all command to work in Static and Roaming modes.
07/24/08 Mod VrMosaic Added option to generate Auto seamlines. These seam lines follow the center of the overlap area between strips and images.
07/21/08 2351 Fix VrOne/VrTwo All key-ins Fixed possible overflow problem that could be caused when a key-in was greater than 64 characters.
07/15/08 Release 04.00.03 Full Release
- See
http://www.cardinalsystems.net/help/Version4.html >http://www.cardinalsystems.net/help/Version4.html for important information about changes to VrTwo roaming in this version. beta/full/vr-04_00_03.exe
07/14/08 Fix VrTwo Fixed problems with new tiled roaming method that could cause window to become unresponsive.
07/13/08 2340 Fix VrOne Dxf Out Fixed problems when using very long paths for the parameter file.
07/10/08 New VrOne Histogram Added new command that displays a histogram of the currently active image. Can option pass in the image level to be used for histogram computation (from 1 to 7).
07/10/08 Mod Vr Configuration Image Graphics Added options for auto stretching 16-bit images for better display. These options include: Auto stretch 16-bit images? Auto stretch histogram level - Pyramid level to use when computing histogram. Auto stretch save?
06/12/08 1890 Fix Image Utility Misc Fixed output directory paths to handle more characters.
06/12/08 Mod VrOne 3D,3DS All settings are now retained between runs.
06/12/08 1564 Fix VrOne 3D,3DS Was not taking text entities into account when computing display extents.
06/12/08 1564 Fix VrOne 3D,3DS Fixed display of axis icon with white background.
06/12/08 1806 Mod VrOne Inverse Added option for point comments.
06/11/08 2209 Fix VrOne Shape Out Fixed problem with parameters not loading correctly.
06/11/08 2200 Mod VrOne Shape Out Added option to use Link entity attribute.
06/11/08 2256 Fix VrOne Clear Polygons Fixed problem where long parameter file names could cause a crash.
06/11/08 Mod VrTwo Stealth Z-Mouse Modified driver to support the assignment of the Clutch/Shift button to any physical button on the mouse.
06/10/08 895 Fix VrOne Batch Area Works with lines collected in either direction.
06/09/08 1466 Fix VrOne Batch Smooth Fixed problem with points wrapping around start point.
05/29/08 2159 Fix Vr2Ori Import Interiors Batch Fixed problem that could cause the photo names not to parse correctly into strip and photo numbers and would cause the import to fail.
05/19/08 Mod Vr2Ori Import Camera The import of ISAT camera files now initializes undefined fiducial coordinates to zero. This was added to handle cases when only four of the eight fiducials are defined in the ISAT camera file.

Version 04.00.00 05/16/08 [Download]
05/15/08 2178 Mod VrOne Dxf Out Added support for 3D Faces
05/08/08 2135 Fix VrOne Edit Function Keys Import commands will now import partial lines.
05/07/08 Fix Misc Image Vewing Added support for viewing TIFF scanline images in planar separate format.
05/05/08 2153 Fix VrOne Shape In List of import file names are now reset correctly when loading a new parameter file.
04/22/08 2124 Fix Python PyVrPromBox Added Delete method. This is needed to allow roaming to resume in VrTwo.
04/06/08 2082 Fix VrOne Layer Control Fixed problem with text and symbol pen colors getting swapped.
04/04/08 2075 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Delete, Move, Copy Layer (DelLay, MovLay, CopLay) When running these batch applications from a key-in the Workspace mode now defaults to All as described in the user documentation.
04/02/08 Mod VrTwo Orientation Epipolar Resampling Added options to set tile size and compression rate on epipolar images.
04/01/08 2011 Fix VrOne Delete Outside Polygons Fixed problem where 0 length lines could be written to file.
04/01/08 2011 Fix VrOne Clear Polygon Fixed problem where 0 length lines could be written to file.
04/01/08 2011 Fix VrOne Cut Polygon Fixed problem where 0 length lines could be written to file.
04/01/08 2011 Fix VrOne Batch Trim Fixed problem where 0 length lines could be written to file.
04/01/08 Mod VrOne MstOut,MstIn Updated translators to handle mirrored cells.
03/26/08 2015 Mod VrAirTrig Layout Point Remeasure Increased the maximum number of strips and photos when remeasuring a point. The number of strips was increased from two to three and the number of photos per strip was increased from from three to four. A single point may now be in up to 12 photos.
03/21/08 1939 Fix Vr2Ori Import Exterior Batch Fixed problem that could cause an orientation to compute incorrectly if a photograph had an unmeasured fiducial and the previous photograph had the same fiducial measured.
03/20/08 2025 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Edit symbol Added mirror option to Edit Symbol. This allows the symbol to be mirrored along the X or Y axis.
03/13/08 New VrOrtho Import Interior Orientations Added this option to the Orientation pull-down menu. Allows you to import interior orientations from multiple file types, or to set corner interior orientations on multiple images.
03/13/08 New VrOrtho Import Exterior Orientations Added this option to the Orientation pull-down menu. This combines all exterior import options into one dialog. Added some import options that were not previously available.
03/12/08 New VrTwo Roaming Change roaming memory management method to use preset tiles instead of memory percentage. You can now specify the maximum number of tile buffers in the X and Y direction when roaming. This is set under the Image Graphics dialog in Vr Configuration.
03/07/08 Fix VrOne Shift Workspace Fixed problem that could cause a crash or restoring of deleted entities.
03/06/08 New VrOne Sheet Layout New application that allows a regular grid of sheet tiles and sheet labels to be placed automatically.
03/05/08 Mod VrOne ShpOut Added Text Points option. Increased search layers to 1000 chars.
02/22/08 1940 New VrTwo VrTwo Added the support for joysticks, joypads, game controllers, gamepads as input devices for VrTwo. These devices may be the primary XYZ, Button input for VrTwo or may supplement existing input devices such as the Steath mouse or handwheels. Please see
Version 03.05.21 01/23/08 [Download]
01/23/08 1875 Mod VrOne Ascii In Added option to use layer names in layer field. This can be turned on in the Parameters dialog.
01/23/08 1880 Fix VrOne DTM In some cases contours would be dropped when using a user-defined area.

Version 03.05.21 01/23/08 [Download]
01/22/08 1861 Fix Vr2Ori Batch Import Interior ORIMA Importing ORIMA interior orientations was not working.

Version 03.05.20 01/08/08 [Download]
12/18/07 1806 Mod VrOne/VrTwo Inverse Added option to Append to file if Write to file is on.
12/07/07 Mod Various Added support for 12-bit TIFF images.
12/05/07 Mod Image Utility Added more options in Exterior Orientation conversion routine.
12/04/07 Mod VrOrtho Added option to output color infrared images when using 4 channel images with infrared as 4th channel.
12/04/07 Mod VrOrtho Added support for handling 4 channel images.
11/29/07 New VrOne,VrTwo Pack Vr (PacVr) Added option under general configuration settings to pack files to local Vr install directory. This can dramatically speed up packing times if vector files are opened from network drives. This option is turned off by default.
11/29/07 Mod VrOne,VrTwo Ascii In (AscIn) Added ability to handle spaces at begin or end of numbers in comma-delimited files.
11/27/07 New VrOne,VrTwo Zip Configuration Files (ZipCfg) Added new command that takes current configuration files and places them in a file names configfiles.zip in the Vr install directory. This is useful for gathering up important configuration files to move to a new machine or to send to the Cardinal support team.
11/27/07 New VrOne,VrTwo Added option to start VrOne/VrTwo with the DEBUGLOG command line argument. This will log all commands to a file named vrdebuglog.txt in the Vr hostdir directory.
11/18/07 1704 Mod VrOne,VrTwo Break Line (BreLin) Added the ability to re-save the middle portion of the broken line in a user specified layer. Please see Insert Lin] for more information.
11/16/07 Mod VrOne,VrTwo Edit Line (EdiLin) Added Slope Line in which the elevations on a line are interpolated based on the elevations from the first and line points on the line. Slope Line can be found in the Line Functions menu.

Version 03.05.13 11/16/07 [Download]
11/15/07 1702 Fix VrTwo Improved stability when using large data sets in roaming mode.
11/15/07 Fix Python PyVrImgMgr Fixed SetWorld to support rotation parameter.
11/15/07 Fix VrTwo Improved stability when using large data sets in roaming mode.

Version 03.05.12 11/13/07 [Download]
11/08/07 1687 Fix VrOne Edit Image Retains world file rotation parameters when moving images.
11/07/07 1677 Fix VrOne Fixed problem with small dot displaying at end of text entities.
11/06/07 1491 Fix VrOne Volumes Fixed problem with volumes reporting 0.0, and with processing complex data sets.
11/06/07 New VrOne,VrTwo 3DWIN, 3DSWIN New commands that work like 3D and 3DS, but allow a window of entities to be selected first. This can be useful when looking as sub set of larger data sets, such as lidar points or large TINs.
11/06/07 509, 811, 1647 Mod VrAirTrig AeroSys Adjust Add multiple camera support when adjusting with AeroSys. VrAirTrig supports up to 10 cameras per project. In previous versions the output to AeroSys was supporting only one camera.
11/05/07 1666, 1667 Fix VrOne DTM Fixed problems when using edge and inner triangle maximum lengths. Inner triangles with edges smaller than maximum are no longer deleted permanently from surface, but are not displayed when outputting triangles, and contours are not drawn through them.
11/04/07 1674 Fix VrOne Shape In Fixed problems with the way feature table items were recorded to parameter file.

Version 03.05.11 11/02/07 [Download]
11/02/07 Fix All Fixed some startup issues that affected all products.
11/02/07 Fix VrOne Fixed to always display symbols if minimum size is set to 0.0.

Version 03.05.10 11/01/07 [Download]
11/01/07 Mod VrTwo Improved handling of low memory situation by automatically unloading extra levels from memory if free memory gets too low.
11/01/07 Mod VrTwo During roaming mode, pressing Ctrl-Del will remove that oldest level of buffer data from memory. This can be helpful if memory is running low. This can be used multiple times to free all extra memory buffers. The buffer display window will indicate how many levels are currently loaded in memory.
11/01/07 Mod VrTwo Buffer The buffer command (Buf) will now toggle the roaming buffer display window while in roaming mode.
11/01/07 Mod VrTwo Added Maximum Roam Levels in the Vr Configuration under the Image settings. This allows you to specify the maximum number of image levels to keep in memory in roaming mode. When roaming files with a large number of vectors, keeping this number to 2 or 3 may help prevent memory shortage problems.
10/31/07 1442 Fix VrOne Run Dtm Fixed problem when using minimum contour length that would cause stray contour lines in output.

Version 03.05.09 10/30/07 [Download]
10/30/07 Mod VrOrtho Added option in preferences dialog to turn off loading of previous project at startup. Added -p command-line parameter to turn off loading of previous projects for the current run.
10/29/07 Fix VrOne Window Rotate, Window Align Fixed problem where these commands could apply rotation to stereo window causing cursor movement and zooming in stereo window to become unpredictable.

Version 03.05.07 10/22/07 [Download]
10/18/07 Mod VrTwo Orientation Removed flicker when shifting images with arrow keys in relative stereo window.
10/18/07 1575 Mod VrOne Dxf Out Fixed problem with layer definitions not being written to layer table.
10/16/07 Mod VrOne,VrTwo Edit Macro (EdiMac) Added file browse button which adds a user defined file name at the current cursor location when editing a macro.
10/15/07 Mod VrOne,VrTwo Edit Function Keys (EdiFun) Added file browse buttons to the key-in fields. This is useful when defining parameter file names with commands such as ParFil=.

Version 03.05.06 10/12/07 [Download]
10/12/07 1556 Fix VrOne Edit Function Keys Fixed problem where entering 48 characters in feature codes would cause VrOne to crash.
10/12/07 1559 Fix VrOne Shape Out Fixed problem where editing parameters would cause theme settings to be replaced with invalid values.
10/12/07 Fix VrOne Batch Node Was computing short distance based on slope instead of horizontal distance.
10/11/07 1553 Fix VrOne Batch Node When using mode that write all un-noded points to file, will not delete existing segment shorter than the short distance.
10/10/07 1556 Fix VrOne Edit Function Keys Fixed problem where function key .csv files could not be imported (would report 0 keys).
10/09/07 Mod VrOne Inverse Added ability to set number of decimal places to display for linear an angular results.
10/8/07 New Various Image Display Added support for displaying 8-bit grayscale TIFF images.
10/08/07 1538 Fix Python PyVrSym,PyVrLine When switching between Id method of PyVrSym and PyVrLine, the line id would sometimes be displayed when the symbol id method was called.
10/08/07 Mod Python PyVrWs Added SetViewFlags, GetViewFlags, SetViewFlag, GetViewFlag to control workspace display.

Version 03.05.05 10/04/07 [Download]
10/02/07 Mod Python PyVrImgMgr Cleaned up documentation to match calls (removed Img from beginning of calls). Moved ImgNum to parameter one for consistency.
10/02/07 1487 New
Version 03.05.04 09/27/07 [Download]

Version 03.05.03 09/27/07 [Download]
09/26/07 1510 Fix VrOne Explode Symbol Exiting ExpSym and then restarting could cause ExpSym to exit when mouse was moved.
09/26/07 1468,1511 Fix VrOne Copy Window Exiting CopWin with F12 and then restarting could cause CopWin to exit when mouse was moved.
09/26/07 1495 Fix VrOne Python In 03.05.01 the Find... methods in the PyVrWs were not working. These methods now require the window number as the second argument. A -1 can be passed in if the window number is not important.
09/26/07 Fix VrOne DelDupSeg Canceling Delete Duplicate Segments would cause VrOne to stop responding.
09/25/07 1495 Fix VrOne Removed debug message that shows up in when joystick device is connected.

Version 03.05.02 09/21/07 [Download]
09/21/07 Mod VrTwo Ctrl->PgUp to zoom all the way out in roaming is now supported from a sub-pixel zoom level.
09/21/07 Mod All Improved graphics window placement to avoid conflicts between programs. This may reset window positions to default locations.
09/20/07 Fix VrOne,VrTwo Fixed problem where Edit Elevation would not snap to any lines.
09/20/07 Mod Vr2Ori Added option to use roaming mode in Absolute orientation.
09/19/07 Mod Vr2Ori Added support for the import of MATCH-AT interior orientations and the model import from MATCH-AT from measurements and from exterior orientations. The MATCH-AT project file (.prj) is used to accomplish the import.
09/17/07 Fix VrOrtho Fixed intermittent problem when reading exterior orientation from Albany .OPM files.
09/14/07 Mod VrTwo Fixed problem with cursor moving outside model when switching between models in roaming mode.
09/14/07 Mod VrTwo 2D windows in roaming mode now start with window number two instead of three.

Version 03.05.01 09/13/07 [Download]
09/12/07 Mod VrOne,VrTwo 3D Stereo Viewer Will use anaglyph mode if display is configured for anaglyph.
09/12/07 Mod VrTwo Orientation Relative Orientation Added option to display images using anaglyph mode in stereo view. The F11 key can be used to toggle display modes while in stereo view. The default display mode can be set in the VrTwo Orientation preferences dialog.
09/12/07 Mod Vr Air Trig Point Measurement Added option to display images using anaglyph mode in stereo view. The F11 key can be used to toggle display modes while in stereo view. The default display mode can be set in the VrAt preferences dialog.

Version 03.05.00 09/11/07 [Download]
09/10/07 Mod VrMosaic VrMosaic no longer loads its configuration from vrmosaic.cfg. It now shares the vr.cfg file used by all other Vr applications.
09/10/07 New VrMosaic Layer Control Added this command which was already available in VrOne.
09/07/07 Fix VrOne Correlate Area Was using MaxSeedDist even if seed data was not specified.
09/05/07 Mod VrOne Image Clean Display dialog if there is not enough memory to output new images.
09/05/07 Fix VrOne Ascii Out Does not require output filename when running in one file per workspace mode.
08/29/07 1432 Mod VrOne MstIn Added scale operator to apply to symbols in the symbol xref table.
08/28/07 1431 Mod VrOrtho If VrOrtho runs out of memory while creating an ortho, it would result in a partial image file. Now, an error message will be generated, and the partial image will be erased.
08/27/07 1425 Fix VrOne Layer Control Fixed problem where toggling layer off/on with multiple files open could cause a crash.
08/27/07 1424 Fix VrOne Correlate Area Fixed problem where program would not run correctly if Delete Previous Points was on.
08/24/07 Mod VrOne Check version dialog now has options to turn off version check and version dialog at startup.

Version 03.04.00 08/24/07 [Download]
08/24/07 Mod VrTwo Orientation Fixed parameter update problem when using the epipolar resampling from the Orientation menu. Added better relative orientation point approximations when working with close range imagery.
08/22/07 Fix VrOne Trying to build pyramids with 8-bit JPEG2000 files could cause a crash.
08/22/07 Fix VrOne Show Drive FIT option with one point in drive file would zoom to unknown location.
08/21/07 1411 Mod VrOne Line Cross Made large increases in performance. Removed minimum distance parameter and added option to include/exclude node points when reporting crossings.
08/20/07 Mod VrOrtho Fixed problem with importing exterior orientations.
08/16/07 1409 Mod VrOne DxfOut Fixed problem with random elevations on lines in layers that have been flagged as 2D in the layer xref table.
08/15/07 Mod VrTwo Orientation Edit project dialog checks to make sure left and right images are not the same for the current model.
08/14/07 Fix VrTwo Orientation Fixed image rotate when going from TIFF-JPEG compressed to TIFF non-compressed.
08/14/07 1403 Fix VrOne Global Change Fixed graphics pointer browse button to display correct dialogs.
08/13/07 1382 Mod VrOne Global Change Fixed problem with roaming not starting again after using symbol browser in the GLOB dialog.
08/13/07 1379 Fix VrOne Edit Function Keys Fixed saving of label colors.
08/10/07 1381 Mod VrOne Tick Line Added Tick Line to the Edit menu
08/12/07 New VrRotat] New application to allow rotating images from a command-line.

Version 03.03.33 08/06/07 [Download]
08/06/07 1282 Fix Vr2Ori Absolute Orientation On initial entry into Absolute Orientation when no points have been measured the center of the model is placed at the center of the window.
08/03/07 1350 Fix VrOne Batch Node Fixed problems with meaning elevations.
08/01/07 Fix VrOne Bump Elevations Fixed link to help file.
08/01/07 1280 Fix VrOne Insert Text Fixed display problem caused when the right decimal accuracy was set to zero (DecAcc=0 or DecRig=0).
07/31/07 Fix VrOne Create Symbol Fixed instability problems with Create Symbol.
07/26/07 Fix VrOne Edit Function Keys Fixed graphic pointer browse buttons.
07/23/07 New Python PyVrImgMgr Added new class for managing image in VrOne. Abilities include opening and closing image, querying image properties, changing image properties, and reading image pixel data.
07/20/07 1305 Mod VrOne Dxf Out Layer cross-reference dialog updated to display all columns.
07/20/07 Mod VrOne Ascii In Will run without any files open.
07/20/07 Mod VrOne Dxf In Will run without any files open.
07/20/07 0983 Mod VrOne Dxf In Added support for importing 3D faces.
07/18/07 1295 Fix VrAt,VrTwo Orientation Stereo Window Cursor in stereo window would only display on one side until color was changed.
07/18/07 1293 Fix VrOne Multiple Fixed problem where new entities would display colors from alternate pen table until a replot was performed.

Version 03.03.30 07/18/07 [Download]
07/17/07 1287 Mod VrOne Microstation In Supports level number in addition to level names when reading .mst file from Microstation V8. Must be using version 1.39 or later of the MSTOUT8 MDL.
07/17/07 1290 Fix VrOne Digitize Control Runs without any vector files open.
07/16/07 1275 Fix Image Utility,VrTwo Orientation Inner Orientation Crashing when pixel size was wrong.
07/16/07 1275 Mod Image Utility,VrTwo Orientation Inner Orientation Added warning if computed pixel is different than entered pixel size.
07/16/07 0845 Fix Image Utility,VrTwo Orientation Inner Orientation Crashing on F3 or F4 zoom if zoom scale factor was 0.0.
07/13/07 1279 Fix VrOne DTM DTM crashing on invalid line Z point.
07/13/07 Mod VrTwo ZOOA Works during in stereo roaming.
07/13/07 1160 Fix Microstation V8 MSTIN MDL Levels were not always being assigned correctly.
07/13/07 1124 Mod VrOne Global Change, Edit Function Keys Added graphic pointer browse buttons to these routines.
07/13/07 1264 Fix VrOne Delete Close, Delete Points in Polygons Was reporting read-only workspaces when a single workspace was open.
07/12/07 Mod VrOrtho,VrMosaic Parameters Added option for PCS and Units when creating GeoTIFF tags.
07/12/07 Mod VrOne Multiple Mosaic, ImgMerge, CutSheet keep PCS and Units GeoTIFF tags.
07/12/07 Mod VrTwo Orientation Import Added the ability to import Exterior Orientations from the ISAT 'photo' file. This is supported when importing single models or importing modes in batch mode.